Angels among us

Angels helping people In the midst of economic, social, spiritual and psychological challenges in our daily life, there are angels stepping forward to alleviate suffering. The angels donate their time, financial resources, food and love. They are inspired by inner guidance, which is God in action. They are led by spiritually from within. They see and observe the helpless and needy and are moved by their inner spirit to help alleviate the suffering. It’s the inner knowing and acknowledgement of the people needing help and assistance. The angels do not expect in return. they give from their heart. lately, I have been seeing few homeless people begging for money while I am driving on some major street corners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of them just standing around with a cardboard sign “Homeless”, “Hungry”, and “God Bless”.

Angel with wings I do carry a phone number of Las Vegas Rescue Mission in my car and advise the homeless person to get some help instead of begging on the street corner or at a super market parking lot. Few times I have seen some homeless men at fast food joints parking lots.  Some of these men have mental and psychological problems and neglect to receive care. Occasionally I see few women asking for money at parking lots. In many USA states there is non-emergency phone number. For Las Vegas it is 211. When the number is dialed, the caller gets a visit from the help provider and refers them to appropriate agency for food, shelter, clothing or medical care. The helper even comes to meet on a street where the homeless person is standing. Some of these homeless people are reluctant to seek help from the helping agencies.

Angel helping hand I also carry in my car some energy bars and soup cans (with easy to remove the lid) to distribute to homeless when I see them at street corners. I found the dollar stores have affordable energy bars and soup cans. The angels are known to volunteer at homeless shelters in the dining room or at their thrift discount stores. The angels are inspired and motivated to reach out to others. Everybody is a prospective angel. If you currently are not participating or involved helping the homeless who are hungry, why not jump in and reach out for them? It’s great for the soul and the receiver is thankful. It helps the community as well.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada



You are Happy!

Happy - Face Just few days ago (mid November)  I was at the local gym and humming “Besame Mucho” (which means “Kiss me More”),  Mariachi Mexican song (I memorized the lyrics) very softly and with a smile. As I was hanging my shower toiletries at the jacuzzi area, a middle-aged man was sitting at the bench and observed me and said “you are Happy”. I said “yes I am happy.” I told him I love to hum songs I like to sing. He also smiled at my comments, and then I proceeded to the hot jacuzzi and onto dry sauna and steam room.

Happy - give your smile When we are in happy mood or smiling, we do send out the vibrations and people around us pick up the vibes and affects them as well. This is also true, when we are conversing on the phone or cell phone, and people detect our demeanor and pick up the vibes. Also, in this high-tech internet age and social media, when we express and share thoughts, people pick up our vibes and attitudes. Its like antennas picking up the messages. Happy vibrations are picked up fast, because others feel good and able to laugh and smile. Happy feelings do bring out healing in our lives. Sometimes when we are faced with challenges of ill feelings or depression or loneliness, happy thoughts and expressions have a way of healing our bodies.

Happy - smiles When we are surrounded by people and share happy thoughts, they will like to be around us. This doesn’t mean people around us don’t want to experience sadness or psychological problems. The journey in life has sadness and psychological set backs. But, we have coping mechanisms via spirituality within and loved ones and friends around us. Even simple walking with a headset or just walking around puts us in a happy mood. Maybe, chanting a prayer within might as well get into a happy mood.

Happy - I am happy So next time when you see someone humming or singing or saying a prayer/meditating, they are bringing happiness into their lives and bringing stability and caring themselves. All these traits are picked up surrounding people, friends and loved ones. Good way to be Happy!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

We are instruments of God to assist others

Welding booth Today I visited a welding vocational training area for boys and girls in Las Vegas, who want to learn a trade while still in high school. The director of this place is Peter. Peter formerly worked as a civil engineer and now helps out his wife as a vocational director. His wife is in charge of behavioral health/mental health clients. This is a community based service type of environment. Peter said the students who are learning welding are from broken homes or from very poor households or cleaned up from drugs. The training is for 3 months, 3 hours per day after school. But most students finish the program in 6 months or so. Peter says many young students have difficult time concentrating.

Welding with Josh - 1 Peter hired a welding instructor, and his name is Josh. Josh enjoys teaching the students how to weld. Josh is very dedicated in teaching welding and is highly motivated young man. It seems some students go on to find jobs as welders, making good income to support their families. Peter gave me good tour of the welding booths and equipment. He is motivated to help others, so that they can help themselves. There is no charge to learn welding. Peter said they also want to expand to industrial sewing. Sew car seats, industrial gloves etc. In fact he is looking for an industrial sewing instructor. (In picture is Josh, the welding instructor).

Welding with Josh - 2 I met Peter’s wife Eudora, and she co-ordinates services for behavioral health and mental health clients through other health care service providers. She is also highly dedicated to helping women or even men with mental and psychological problems. Most of their mental and psychological clients are women, and they have very high serious problems, such as going through domestic violence, drug addict, and other behavior problems. Peter and his wife are doing great service in their communities to better other peoples lives, and help bring joy, happiness, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. They are an instrument of God in action. I congratulated them for their service in the community. We are all instruments of God to help each other. We are vessels where others learn and we learn. (in picture is Josh, the welding instructor).


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas