Cruise ship from hell: learning lessons from the Carnival “Triumph”

Cruise ship TriumphWhen we want to have good time or enjoy some fun away from everyday stress and forget about our problems, many of us take a cruise, go on a vacation, or travel for pleasure some place else by airplane, train, car or bus or even a staycation.

On a cruise out of Houston to Mexico, the Carnival cruise ship “Triumph”  lost power and just became a floating pit.  Its passengers and employees were “stuck”, and have become imprisoned on the ship. Many positive attributes and values took place in the deplorable environment rife with raw sewage and rotting food.What do I mean?

Attributes like kindness and sharing with each other were on display. The passengers showed patience to return home, tolerance with each other to weather the uncomfortable circumstances with a sense of humor.

Others showed irritation, short tempers and a lack of patience as they had to put up with dirty sanitation, clogged toilets, a lack of food and very little electricity.

Many of us take the comfort of our modern Western lifestyles for granted. If we don’t have wifi and all our gadgets we get a little nervous. Come to think of it, our materialism sometimes has its limitations. We never know how things will turn out when we travel or even when we walk out our door in the morning. The “Triumph” is a high-tech ship designed to handle thousands of passengers and employees. Unfortunately the power went out. Over 4,000 passengers and employees were caught up in this floating cesspool of a ship.

Perhaps there are some cultural lessons we can gain from this incident. For instance I am from India, and, lived in India through age 18 until I came to the United States. Millions of South Asians use their left hand for their sanitation cleansing needs using water, instead of toilet paper. They only use their right hand to eat food.  This is a cultural difference. What if all the human waste was dumped in the ocean (it is organic) and avoided or limited the odors? Something to consider.

Other lessons: what if the Carnival cruise ship was well-equipped with more generators,  in case a power failure of this magnitude took place? How about carrying thousands of plastic bed pans, and, a ton of baby wipes for personal hygiene? How about stocking up on thousands of energy bars, nuts and tanks of purified drinking water? What’s the possibility of dumping raw sewage in the ocean? How about bringing a flashlights and batteries for passengers as a standard part of your packing list?

Looks like everyone is learning from this incident.