Be a light to others

We talk about role models in our walk of life. Here I am talking about being a light to others. A simple smile goes a long way. Our inner awareness of compassion, kindness, when shared, is appreciated. Its interesting when we set a pace, many will see the actions, and they in turn shed their light towards others. Reaching out to others, such as our family members, friends, neighbors and communities goes a long way. Lending a hand or volunteering to help, is very noble. When we have this inner passion and strength, we do shine. Everyone is capable to shine. The key is to turn the light on, from within. The people who shine are confident in themselves and show the inner divine presence which is joy and love that circulates.

In our own communities, we have problems such as communicating with law and order, fear of crime, a need to help those that are going hungry, unemployed, loneliness among elderly people, lonely neighbors, transportation challenges, etc. Instead of expecting others to step forward to light up and lead, be the person that you can step forward with a smile and light on your face. We cannot depend on government and state agencies for all the challenges that takes place in our communities.

God works through all of us. It’s in the knowing or self-awareness of the challenges we are seeing around us, that light be shined. When we glow with light, we do shine. When we turn on the light, the light of smile, the initiative of caring and kindness, seeing people with love and joy, it sure catches on and others will follow. Visualize and imagine, God’s light when turned on by thousands of people in our nation and around the world, how happy, joyful and peaceful our world will be. By being a light to others, we are a testimony to God’s creation of our being. We are all connected, and the energy and vibrations from each one of us will glow brighter, when the light is turned on.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


What goes around, comes around

Remember to be good, nice, friendly, smile, helpful, hospitable to others. In time, it will return back to you. Sometimes it’s known in Hinduism as Karma. When you send out send out positive vibes or energy, it will move towards others and back to you. One can believe in it. I do. I also keep in mind, that fellow human being when in need, can be helped, without analyzing or rationalizing. When we offer and do something from our heart, we do without expecting it back. But, unknowingly, some good things happen in our own life without knowing. What a blessing.

I’ve observed several times during economic downturn in US. In recession and high unemployment times, when we help our friends and neighbors through information and communication about their job prospects or business ventures seen on-line or newspaper or heard a vacancy from others, I’ve shared it with friends who needed a job. It’s a great feeling. We need to keep in mind when friends and neighbors are in need and they are asking for our help. When we are blessed and others whom we know are going through hard times, must keep them in our minds and hearts to assist them in every way we can. We must stay away from judging them of their circumstances.

When we get out of a mindset “What’s in it for me”, and focus freely and unconditionally to help a friend or neighbor or homeless people, we are doing something good by referring them to the resources that are available to help themselves. Let your heart communicate through you to reaching out. You are God directed, and God wants you to minister to others when they are in need. Notice the change in you when you do a good deed helping a friend or contacting friends to help a friend. There is something about clear conscience.  You will be happy and in congruence with God calling on you. Call it anything you want.


Reverend Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Walk the talk

Giving bread I am surprised. Just under a week ago, I’ve written a blog on ministering and serving and I mentioned to carry some energy bars and canned soup in the car for distribution. Today I went to a local ATM bank. Just as I was leaving the ATM, a woman in her 40’s with a push cart, approached me and asked me for a quarter (25 cents). First of all I did not have any change with me. 2nd, I’ve energy bars and a vegetable soup can in my car. So, I offered her an energy bar and the soup can. She took it. But, when she left with her push cart, she lighted up a cigarette.

Giving soup Maybe God is testing me to see if I am walking my talk. Perhaps this woman changed her identity and came as a hungry individual as a God’s messenger to approach me. She was receptive of the food I gave her. This scenario was a great lesson for me in action. I did not judge this woman in a critical way. She went on with her push cart  lighting her cigarette. God bless her. In our walk of life we are bound to face some challenges and we have to use our God-given mind and compassion for our fellow human beings, regardless of their circumstances they are in.

Giving to homeless man in suit I also carry with me some phone numbers of local help organizations, such as homeless shelters, food banks and other groups. The list of phone numbers are just next to my drivers car door storage area. Be prepared to give and serve. Never know who will come out the thin air and ask for food or small change. I also keep a public bus schedule at the driver door storage area. If somebody is lost on a major boulevard, I can help them take a right bus to their destination if they seek help. A nice way to help is to suggest calling non-emergency number for sleeping and eating meals.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Claim your ministry

Ministering serving Everyone in this world is a minister or capable of being a minister. What I mean is we are all ministers helping and serving each other. Unfortunately, many in the faith and belief world, think preachers, ministers, pastors, spiritualist teachers, priests, etc are the ones ministering to others in need. God has put you on earth to help yourself and help and serve others. There are some who do take action to cure homelessness and hunger. or other causes such as praying for the sick for healing and blessings. Human problems are solved by humans with Gods guidance communicated from within. Many times it takes self-awareness or recognition to help others in need.

Ministry Hospitality Next time when you see someone asking for money or saying he or she is hungry, see what you can do eliminate or reduce their suffering using common sense. In recent months, I’ve been carrying energy bars and canned soup in my car. So, while I’m driving in town or going out-of-town, and meet some one who is asking for money or food, I’ll offer energy bar or soup. I also encourage carrying phone numbers of social community help agencies, such as local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, teen runaway agency, etc. Be aware that most states in USA have a non-emergency number 211 for shelter and food needs. Help the person on the street by calling the 211 number, while the help seeker is standing next to you. The help state agency will come for aiding the person. In many states, it’s a 24 hours service.

Ministry elderly Praying for friends when they ask for prayers is wonderful. Sometimes they are at a hospital or at home. Either way pray for their healing. You can even start a discussion group on several spiritual and community issues on-line or phone webinar discussions . There are several topics for discussion. Maybe start something on world hunger, domestic violence, healing, forgiveness, prosperity, gratitude, etc. In my own experience, I started free phone webinars discussions on several spiritual discussions. Friends from all over the country. Serving others with compassion will bring inner contentment and serving God as well.  People appreciate the service as well and are grateful.


Rev.  Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


We are living on a borrowed time and for a purpose

Purpose - spirit eagle and clouds Here we are breathing, drinking, eating, working, learning, talking, laughing, crying, smiling, sleeping, creating, loving, caring, sharing, helping, etc. We’ve come into this life as physical body and having a human experience. our physical lives are temporary. We are a miracle. We are created from the spirit of life, beyond human understanding. Our creator (God, Lord, Almighty, Infinite Source, etc) has a purpose for us. Our journey in life has begun with having a free will and choices in life to pursue our journey. Sometimes in our journey we do take an ego ride or a trip. Which means a power trip or a journey not in conjunction with our alignment with heart, mind and body.

Purpose in life What do we do to get back to inner contentment and along the way assist and support loved ones, friends, neighbors and strangers locally and strangers in international lands? We think to have a “successful” life to be very prosperous (with money) and stash it away for the future years for “retirement.” In the meantime we neglect to care for our own selves in areas of health, time with the family, and self reflection.We worry about the future, instead of doing the best as we go along in this life journey.  How about serving others in the capacity as volunteers? Those that need support and help time wise. By offering to serve others is very noble and experience inner contentment, joy and in process the persons receiving help and support are thankful and a smile on their face.

Purpose - serving others We want to live the best in our physical and emotional life and make a difference. Loving committed relationships is another area we always can improve. Have you said “I love you” to your spouse or to your children or to a partner? In this physical plane, many of us pick up unhealthy and unpleasant habits. Have you ever questioned why I am eating certain foods that are not healthy? Have you ever questioned what makes you angry at others or getting impatient at a grocery line or at a highway when it is congested? When we inquire into “getting to know” ourselves we are learning and growing and we mature to live a life of harmonious peaceful way of life.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada



Angels among us

Angels helping people In the midst of economic, social, spiritual and psychological challenges in our daily life, there are angels stepping forward to alleviate suffering. The angels donate their time, financial resources, food and love. They are inspired by inner guidance, which is God in action. They are led by spiritually from within. They see and observe the helpless and needy and are moved by their inner spirit to help alleviate the suffering. It’s the inner knowing and acknowledgement of the people needing help and assistance. The angels do not expect in return. they give from their heart. lately, I have been seeing few homeless people begging for money while I am driving on some major street corners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many of them just standing around with a cardboard sign “Homeless”, “Hungry”, and “God Bless”.

Angel with wings I do carry a phone number of Las Vegas Rescue Mission in my car and advise the homeless person to get some help instead of begging on the street corner or at a super market parking lot. Few times I have seen some homeless men at fast food joints parking lots.  Some of these men have mental and psychological problems and neglect to receive care. Occasionally I see few women asking for money at parking lots. In many USA states there is non-emergency phone number. For Las Vegas it is 211. When the number is dialed, the caller gets a visit from the help provider and refers them to appropriate agency for food, shelter, clothing or medical care. The helper even comes to meet on a street where the homeless person is standing. Some of these homeless people are reluctant to seek help from the helping agencies.

Angel helping hand I also carry in my car some energy bars and soup cans (with easy to remove the lid) to distribute to homeless when I see them at street corners. I found the dollar stores have affordable energy bars and soup cans. The angels are known to volunteer at homeless shelters in the dining room or at their thrift discount stores. The angels are inspired and motivated to reach out to others. Everybody is a prospective angel. If you currently are not participating or involved helping the homeless who are hungry, why not jump in and reach out for them? It’s great for the soul and the receiver is thankful. It helps the community as well.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


We are in a spiritual world buffeted by the physical world

Spiritual energy As spiritual beings we are pure. Pure in spirit and everything is perfect. No need to fix it or correct it and it is eternal. In the physical world as humans, its temporary experiences on this earth. As humans, we are here on earth to learn, grow and teach. Ever notice how we are accustomed to live on a daily basis? Man made belief systems (religions), obeying rules and regulations, man-made laws to govern societies (by the way, there are 613 commandments in Judaism), parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, strangers, communities, etc. We are also measured by how much money we earn to make a living and driven by ego to excel in some life directions. Ofcourse in physical world, we are judged by our looks as well.

Bank for physical experience When I am saying about “buffeted” by the physical world, ever notice how we for example open checking or savings accounts at a bank? Ever notice how rules and regulations about banking is applied for us to “behave” and “act” when we adhere to money matters in an “organized” settings? Sitting in a bank with the bank representative demands patience, and provide all the information necessary to open an account after qualifying. Next time when you rent a car, first thing a rental car agency will ask is for a credit card and a driver’s license. We are connected to protect banks investments and laws governing streets and highways.

War and soldiers Ofcourse as physical humans, and depending within a society (country), we are governed by security authorities such as police and military for safety and protection. No such governing as spiritual beings. Egos play a greater role in human authority such as power. As humans and in advanced and developing nations, we have more fear to live by. Fear of  our “fellow” human beings, from “other” nations or cultures or tribes. I am talking about living in fear by amassing nuclear weapons. Even though we will not use them ( I am sure we will not use it), otherwise, we all will be in trouble facing very hardships just to breath and drink water or cultivate food for sustenance.

Love you with a flower Somehow in our walk of physical existence, we are endowed with free will and choices and learned behaviors from others, societies/communities. In a way, we are tamed.  We are here to experience love, joy, peace, happiness, harmony, kindness, compassion, gratitude, well-being, blessings, reverence to God. So, it all depends how we use our free will by way of making decisions with enormous choices to choose from. Isn’t it something, with one or two wrong decisions from the choices we have, can also develop anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, neglect, rudeness, ethnocentric, bossing, harmful, isolated, hunger, homeless, fights, wars? So, we are put on earth to experience the physical being and learn, grow, get along and transition (physical death) to our spiritual being after some time. What an adventurous journey!


REV. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas