Where are you God? Are you there?

God Bless I constantly come across with some people with a question(s) like ” Where are you God? Are you there”? There are some people who pray and meditate on a daily basis and communicate and listen to God for answers. And some of them are grateful for what they have and are blessed. There are also many who just are in despair, sad, anguished, impatient, irritant, and unhappy for not getting “wants or needs” fulfilled.

God Heals Many of the spiritual belief systems do support prayers and meditations and to go within for answers. The scriptures in Bible says “Pray without ceasing”. Many Muslim devotees pray 5 times a day. Hindus and Buddhists meditate and pray. In Judaism, they pray at least 3 times a day or even more. There are several other belief systems that encourage meditation and silence. Even people that are non-religious spend quite time in awareness and in silence to quite their minds and seek answers from within and intuition.

God heart The challenge lies in experiencing the requests made. After praying, do your feet move for action? Have you started talking and sharing with others what you desire? Have you prayed and meditated with faith and believed its already done for you? Your intuition must be aligned what you desire and want to experience. Do you pray and meditate only when you have problems with finances, debts, ill-health, faulty relationships, unhappiness, etc? Many people turn to God and plead for help when things are desperate and don’t know where to turn. Take it from me: You are not going to find answers to your problems at the worship places or at some places of lectures who will preach “instant feel good” remedies. The answers and solutions are within you and must be implemented by way of taking action.

Waiting on God God helping hand God reveals answers and directions from within right where you are. God Is. God is All there is. God surrounds you. God is within you. There is something greater than we are, which sustains our lives, and that is infinite and unseen, some would call God, Lord, Almighty, Jesus Christ, Savior, Force, Energy, etc. In your self-awareness you will be noticing a “gut” feeling or “intuition” speaking from within to take action. The answer you seek is revealed. Believe and trust it. Ask, and it will be given to you. We all have a free will and choices to make in our lives. Make your choices wisely to experience joy, love, happiness, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity, secured feeling, inner contentment and a sense of well-being.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


We are ministers and messengers

Free meal center A young woman (probably in mid 20’s) three days ago came up to me at a Walmart Produce Market parking lot, and asked me for food. I didn’t even buy any groceries. I went to Walmart Produce Market to return movies from Red Box. She also parked her car in the parking lot. I gave her some instructions where some food is served at Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities and at Salvation Army. This was on last Saturday around 5:15pm. Since she was driving, I told her the general area where these shelters and food kitchens are located and get a meal. She kept on asking other market customers in the parking lot for food to take it home. I doubt if she collected any food asking around in the parking lot for the few minutes I were there.

211 United Way I even told her to call 211. 211 is a statewide non-emergency 24 hour service number, people can call for free food, and other valuable services. 211 is used in majority of US states for helping the needy, and don’t have to pander at super markets, parking lots or stand and beg at a highway or freeway offramp on a major boulevard. I volunteered to call 211 on behalf of her at the parking lot, and she refused the offer.

Just to experiment to see how the 2-1-1 number works, I personally called locally here in Las Vegas. I was the first caller at 9am it seems. The lady told me to go the website for 211 – http://www.nevada211.communityos.org, and check out all the services available. Food is free, and some of the groups wants the needy to fill out some information. Some of them didn’t need to fill out any paper work. I’ve read the whole Nevada 211 website services. Very interesting. Thank God we have such services for the needy in our communities.

My next assignment is to copy the phone and addresses of food banks and make copies and distribute it to people that are pandering at the parking lots for food or money. I’ll keep some copies in my car. I do carry a list of phone numbers for shelters as well. We are all ministers and messengers to be kind and helpful to others. There is a need in our own communities. Some of these people just do not know about the services that are available for them. Or some of them just want a “quick buck”. We must learn to educate the needy with kindness and empathy, and show them some ways and means to care for themselves. I also think college and high school students should be knowledgeable of 2-1-1 services and direct the needy to call 2-1-1 or volunteer to call on behalf of the needy right then and there. Remember, its a 24 hour service. I encourage you to look at 2-1-1 services for your own state. We are the ministers to serve those that are in need and want help.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

I AM prosperous and blessed; Thank you God

Prosperity In our society, many people associate prosperity with money or currency, stock market or big bank account or owning a large business, large house, fancy cars, executive or businessman etc. Ofcourse, its partially true, but not 100% correct. Its about holistic prosperity I am talking about. Which means earning our way (money to pay our bills and save), good health, excellent relationships. And all the ways of our living, takes back into our being, which is driven by the power of the infinite or God that sustains us. The ego in each one of us, does play a role of some form.

Money and coins Our societies have come to realize how money is important to make a daily living as well  as save for future. As “excessive” materialism flourishes, so as our health, and personal relationships face challenges. My observation living in USA as an adult, keeps questioning, why people eat and drink unhealthy foods? Have you seen the recent trend bacon this, bacon that, and incorporated in most items at fast food joints and cafes? Are we just eating for the sake of taste? The business people owning the food establishments only care about their revenues and profits, but do they care about their customers health? They sure are waiting something to happen, a reaction by customers to stop unhealthy foods colas filled with sugar. Have anyone noticed the Colas being bought by consumers, with so much sugar in it?

Healthy food vegetables Unless the inner change and awareness is recognized by the consumer and customers, about being healthy and eating and drinking healthy foods, nothing is going to change by the owners of food establishments. It seems like, money is the only motivator for ‘shrewd” food business establishments. If people get sick and die of unhealthy foods and habits, the food establishments (cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, frozen food at supermarkets) may will change their marketing and advertising programs. It’s the consumers, that will bring the change in our habits. God has blessed us with a will, and ability to make choices and decisions. We are blessed as to how healthy foods can be chosen and consumed, by our decision making process, which God has given us to live by. If we don’t listen to God’s calling, for better health, we surely as a society and individuals will pay the price. Many will leave from this world prematurely and from their loved ones, before their time is up.

Healthy relationships I’ve shared the prosperity of money and eating healthy foods for better health. Prosperity also involves relationships in our lives. Without healthy relationships, especially with family and close friends, we will be isolated and become loners and become unhappy. Our affiliation with employers or business vendors and owners also plays a major role in relationships. We as a society and community have a need for belonging. We are social humans. God (or Lord) communicates through each one of us to have a healthy relationships and live a life of peace and harmony with our families, friends and with strangers. Relationships develop on workplace or business environments as well.

We must learn to be thankful to God for the prosperity we experience our journey in life. Life is very precious and treat it lovingly and respectfully. When we affirm I AM, we are affirming the spirit and the subconscious that we have already received the benefits of prosperity to live joyful and a happy life. A sense of inner contentment takes place.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Are our Religious beliefs short on actions and deeds?

Interfaith on tree Our man made religions have a purpose. Devotion, faith, love, helping oneself and others, loving God (Son of God, Almighty, Lord, Higher Power, Universal God, Universe, God Is etc), beliefs, unity, adhering to laws of our societies, the list goes on. These beliefs in religions serve as a foundational in our physical and spiritual world by means of theology or spiritual literacy that are handed down by our predecessors going back thousands or hundreds or even decades ago. What I see and observe about beliefs is, its application in everyday living. I believe one’s faith is important in their own spiritual life. The tenets of these beliefs summarize as: Love, kindness, warm, helping, see God in action, unity, peace, respect for each other, respect for law, doing the right thing without harming others, reaching out, understanding, tolerance, so on.

Interfaith symbols in black Are we applying the tenets of our belief system to create “heaven on earth”? In other words,  are we coming short of joy, happiness, comfort, in our own communities? Considering great challenges our nation faces as well as other nations are facing? Immigration (recently ongoing problems with children being transported to US borders from Central America), US facing immigration reform and is at stand still in congress, hunger in our own communities, homelessness, “excessive” materialism, families being separated or in disarray, financial distress due to job loss or business setbacks or illness, obesity, high school dropouts,  and the list goes on.

Interfaith in words Since, the religions or belief systems serve as anchor in our lives, we can do better by reaching out and taking action and see positive changes in our lives and in the lives of others. Its the application of the tenets of our belief system that must be tapped. The belief systems serve as a base or foundation in our lives. As individuals and society, we must move and be a testimony and example to others. To start: practice prayer and meditation (pray for our leaders to make right decisions),  share own gratitude and blessings with others, forgiveness, share own miracles, reach out with love, and so on.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas