7. Too Much Daylight in Siberia: A Train Buff’s Russian Trans-Siberian Adventure

7. Too Much Daylight in Siberia

My body clock has changed, due to time difference with    Moscow time on the train and local weather and day light.  I was not eating plenty of vegetables. Taking vitamins, Pycnogenol and Psyllium on a regular basis. Taking the pill for cholesterol at nights, as regular as possible. It’s about 5pm Moscow time or 9pm through Siberia, it looks like 9pm or even 8pm in this vast Siberia, with green trees and farms. Moscow time on train is 100% consistent, and throwing many travelers off base. The best time to use the bathroom is around 6am Moscow time. Many are still sleeping, but very bright day with sun light through Siberia. The night is very short, more like 3 hours. I’ll cover my eyes with eye covers tonight, so that I can sleep for longer hours.

 Been listening to Mariachi music on my CD the last couple nights before sleeping. Also listened to a Russian folk instrument pop music, before falling asleep. Russian pop is on my cell phone, recorded from YouTube back home. The restaurant train car meals are fine, and have many choices. Russians eat too much pork and beef, very little chicken. Also Salmon is there, but does not look baked, it is smoked. It will be interesting to see, what the next two travelers will be like, after those two Michael and Vladimir get off in Irkutsk. So far, the train ran smoothly, no problems.


You are Happy!

Happy - Face Just few days ago (mid November)  I was at the local gym and humming “Besame Mucho” (which means “Kiss me More”),  Mariachi Mexican song (I memorized the lyrics) very softly and with a smile. As I was hanging my shower toiletries at the jacuzzi area, a middle-aged man was sitting at the bench and observed me and said “you are Happy”. I said “yes I am happy.” I told him I love to hum songs I like to sing. He also smiled at my comments, and then I proceeded to the hot jacuzzi and onto dry sauna and steam room.

Happy - give your smile When we are in happy mood or smiling, we do send out the vibrations and people around us pick up the vibes and affects them as well. This is also true, when we are conversing on the phone or cell phone, and people detect our demeanor and pick up the vibes. Also, in this high-tech internet age and social media, when we express and share thoughts, people pick up our vibes and attitudes. Its like antennas picking up the messages. Happy vibrations are picked up fast, because others feel good and able to laugh and smile. Happy feelings do bring out healing in our lives. Sometimes when we are faced with challenges of ill feelings or depression or loneliness, happy thoughts and expressions have a way of healing our bodies.

Happy - smiles When we are surrounded by people and share happy thoughts, they will like to be around us. This doesn’t mean people around us don’t want to experience sadness or psychological problems. The journey in life has sadness and psychological set backs. But, we have coping mechanisms via spirituality within and loved ones and friends around us. Even simple walking with a headset or just walking around puts us in a happy mood. Maybe, chanting a prayer within might as well get into a happy mood.

Happy - I am happy So next time when you see someone humming or singing or saying a prayer/meditating, they are bringing happiness into their lives and bringing stability and caring themselves. All these traits are picked up surrounding people, friends and loved ones. Good way to be Happy!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Be and accept who you are, the way you are: The way God created you

Singer Want to emulate and copy others who are bright stars/entertainers in their chosen field? Just remember, God has plans for you, the way the Almighty wants you to be. Sometimes we wish we can be like a famous vocalist singer or dancer or a musician, while we are pursuing our daily jobs or running a business. I’ve developed love for singing for many years, while working in the corporate and non-profits, basically as a financial analyst and as a coach/counselor. And on my own I sing (or whistle) the lyrics of well-known vocalists in our society or from abroad. This is for sheer joy and pleasure and feels good in my heart.

Mariachi+Vargas+de+Tecalitln+Vargas Over the years, I developed interest in Mexican Mariachi music. I like the song “Besame Mucho”, which means “Kiss Me More” in English. Dean Martin, the famous entertainer in the past, used to sing Besame Mucho, but, he sang in English, not Spanish. Since, I just listen to the Mariachi CD by Mariachi Vargas de Ticalitlan, I have not sung in Spanish. There is no English lyrics to align with Spanish “Mariachi” music/tune. So, I learned and memorized in Spanish (Mexican Mariachi), to sing Besame Mucho on Valentine’s day to my wife, as well as, sing while I am washing dishes or driving on the long distance freeway. It’s like music (the song) touching my soul. Appreciating stars is different from becoming obsessed with super vocalists, to be like them. There is a difference and I am aware of it, and keep my peace.

Nat King Cole I admire some very popular vocalists, and I’ve memorized the lyrics with the original tune. All these vocalists, have contributed to people’s pleasure, in listening to theirs great songs. We do not have to be perfect, in voices they have sung, for us to sing their lyrics, to give us some joy and music to the soul. They are super stars in their fields, and perfected their voices for several years. Remember, God made you as a unique person in this world, and you are contributing to yourself and to others, with your knowledge and learned skills, in your chosen professional work or business endeavors. It’s wonderful to admire and appreciate others, who contribute to your enjoyment by singing. Just do not compare yourself to the super star, just be you. Another vocalist I enjoy singing the lyrics is Nat King Cole’s “Mona Lisa”, the classic. I did memorize the lyrics this year, and mesmerized my wife, on Valentines day with “Mona Lisa”. I like the classics, and still keep singing “Mona Lisa”, while I am washing dishes, or at the gym, with my head set plugged into my cell phone recorded music.

Perry Como My admiration also goes to Perry Como, who sang “Home For The Holidays”. Last year, a month before Christmas, I memorized the song, and I sang at three different business networking groups in Las Vegas. It gives me great joy, in my heart for the wonderful vocalist as Como, who brought joy to millions of people around the world. I also find, singing the tune you enjoy, brings joy to the soul, reduces stress and depression, and improves our psychological well-being. We are ministering to ourselves as well as to others with joy.

Elvis Presley It gives me great joy and inspiration, when I sing spiritual and devotional songs. One of the hymns, I came to keep singing several times a year, with senior assisted living centers, and when I am “puttering around”, is, “How Great Thou Art”. Elvis Presley recorded “How Great Thou Art” and sold millions of CD’s worldwide. I admire Elvis singing the spiritual hymn, and carries with it, the spiritual vibrations, and devotion/praises to God. Praising God via singing is pleasing to our hearts, as well as pleasing God. We are a miracle and praise God for his blessings on us, by singing “How Great Thou Art”. Be the person God created to be, without comparing or be “like” the super stars, and enjoy and bring joy to your heart by singing.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas