Are you listening to your inner voice?

Listening words  We keep trudging along in everyday walk of life. We have needs, desires, wants and want to fulfill our motives. We want joy, fulfillment, inner contentment, compassion, peace and harmony within ourselves and with others. We pray, meditate and ask God (or the infinite, Higher Source, Lord, Jesus Christ, etc) for financial prosperity, excellent health and great relationships. Pretty soon we discover that the answers are within, not “out there”. Are you open to listening from within? Your vibes, your vibrations, “your gut”, your intuition? Do you trust your inner instincts, which is God communicating with you?

Listen to genie within  From my own experience over the years, I let opportunities in jobs, learning another profession, even romantic relationships pass by (I am married to Denise now). Didn’t listen to my inner voice, but kept on moving doing “same old” things or same old routine with expectations. Than comes a time to seriously make a commitment to change and make a decision to change and accept opportunities what life has to offer me. I went through inner probing via meditation and talking to couple of trusted friends.

Listen to God - Stop and look   In a way, we must be “ready” to jump in or take risks to step in.  I’ve witnessed several singles in relationships delaying marriage because of waiting for a “right” partner to come through or questioning and doubting whether the relationships they are in, is the right one? This boils down to inner trust and not clear what their heart and mind says. In this instance, it’s a good idea to sit down in prayer and meditation and ask God for guidance.

If you are not sure of the feedback on the concerned issues from within, talk to a trusted friend or couple friends. Make sure these friends have a positive outlook on life and they themselves are confident, and encouraging. You are still the decision maker to choose all the choices you have at your disposal. Prayer and meditation is a great relaxer and brings inner harmony and answers.

Listen to the inner voice So, listen from within. Listen to what your instincts and gut tells you of what you seek and desire to experience. Communicate to God via prayer and meditation. Be open for answers that are revealed to you. Follow up with the clues. Try not to be wishy-washy with the answers. Check it out. The God who created the universe is loving and friendly for you to pursue your journey for your fulfillment, joy, compassion, love, kindness, peace and understanding.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas



Allowing your way of life to flourish to happiness, joy, compassion and love

Allow - Why does God allow evil We come to this world in free spirit and are molded by influence of parents, siblings, elders, teachers, religions, education, life styles, cultures, friends, peers, etc. We have the uniqueness about each one of us and with inspiration and motivation we are destined to succeed in this life. God or higher power or divine spirit or in Christianity Jesus Christ,  has created us with the free will and choices that determine how we choose to live our lives. Ofcourse, we are living in a human world with laws, regulations, restrictions, morality, man-made religious beliefs, working life, family, friends,  leisure and live the life we choose to live. As we keep moving in our everyday living, responsibility and accountability are in order. When we go the “wrong way” or “evil way”, that means we “missed the mark”. God intended for us to live happily and joyfully and with compassion in our hearts.

Allowing - Grudge in head As we live our daily lives, sometimes things don’t seem to go as planned and interact with others such as neighbors, friends, family members and strangers. In some instances things don’t go our way, which creates a disconnect and disharmony with another person or persons. When we live from the aspect of egos, we don’t allow ourselves to live freely, and keep grudges towards others in our mind. We are not peaceful and harmonious with ourselves. We must learn to release grudges from our head and learn to forgive and forget by way of compassion. Its healthy when we live peacefully with a kind heart.

Allow - What you allow-what will continue When we allow others to come into our lives, we do open ourselves to them and they to us. It’s like give and take. We build trust in ourselves and the people that we managed to allow them into our lives via interaction, friendship and mutual understanding. As I mentioned earlier, we have choices and free will in our make up to live the life we choose. We are the masters of our destiny. One thing to keep in mind is, we are social animals, and most of us aspire to be with others, those that we allowed to interact with us. By the way, God is always there for us to acknowledge. It’s the sense of our awareness to allow God to be part of our daily life. Treat God as a friend, and he will treat you lovingly and kindly. God will not fail you or me. God wants you and I to be joyful, happy, loving, peaceful,compassion and kind in heart.

Allow - Life to surprise me  In our daily lives, when we allow things to happen with an open mind and not be critical on ourselves, we are bound to come up with ideas that make us happy and contentment. I also suggest to share with family members and friends the solutions or ideas you found, provided they are supportive of you in a positive sense. Remember, the universe is vast and open and willing to assist and support you for the asking. Give thanks and appreciation to God for the fruits he has in store for you. It’s for the asking and believe as if you have received. Keep your heart and mind open to experience prosperity, happiness, joy and compassion.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Be and accept who you are, the way you are: The way God created you

Singer Want to emulate and copy others who are bright stars/entertainers in their chosen field? Just remember, God has plans for you, the way the Almighty wants you to be. Sometimes we wish we can be like a famous vocalist singer or dancer or a musician, while we are pursuing our daily jobs or running a business. I’ve developed love for singing for many years, while working in the corporate and non-profits, basically as a financial analyst and as a coach/counselor. And on my own I sing (or whistle) the lyrics of well-known vocalists in our society or from abroad. This is for sheer joy and pleasure and feels good in my heart.

Mariachi+Vargas+de+Tecalitln+Vargas Over the years, I developed interest in Mexican Mariachi music. I like the song “Besame Mucho”, which means “Kiss Me More” in English. Dean Martin, the famous entertainer in the past, used to sing Besame Mucho, but, he sang in English, not Spanish. Since, I just listen to the Mariachi CD by Mariachi Vargas de Ticalitlan, I have not sung in Spanish. There is no English lyrics to align with Spanish “Mariachi” music/tune. So, I learned and memorized in Spanish (Mexican Mariachi), to sing Besame Mucho on Valentine’s day to my wife, as well as, sing while I am washing dishes or driving on the long distance freeway. It’s like music (the song) touching my soul. Appreciating stars is different from becoming obsessed with super vocalists, to be like them. There is a difference and I am aware of it, and keep my peace.

Nat King Cole I admire some very popular vocalists, and I’ve memorized the lyrics with the original tune. All these vocalists, have contributed to people’s pleasure, in listening to theirs great songs. We do not have to be perfect, in voices they have sung, for us to sing their lyrics, to give us some joy and music to the soul. They are super stars in their fields, and perfected their voices for several years. Remember, God made you as a unique person in this world, and you are contributing to yourself and to others, with your knowledge and learned skills, in your chosen professional work or business endeavors. It’s wonderful to admire and appreciate others, who contribute to your enjoyment by singing. Just do not compare yourself to the super star, just be you. Another vocalist I enjoy singing the lyrics is Nat King Cole’s “Mona Lisa”, the classic. I did memorize the lyrics this year, and mesmerized my wife, on Valentines day with “Mona Lisa”. I like the classics, and still keep singing “Mona Lisa”, while I am washing dishes, or at the gym, with my head set plugged into my cell phone recorded music.

Perry Como My admiration also goes to Perry Como, who sang “Home For The Holidays”. Last year, a month before Christmas, I memorized the song, and I sang at three different business networking groups in Las Vegas. It gives me great joy, in my heart for the wonderful vocalist as Como, who brought joy to millions of people around the world. I also find, singing the tune you enjoy, brings joy to the soul, reduces stress and depression, and improves our psychological well-being. We are ministering to ourselves as well as to others with joy.

Elvis Presley It gives me great joy and inspiration, when I sing spiritual and devotional songs. One of the hymns, I came to keep singing several times a year, with senior assisted living centers, and when I am “puttering around”, is, “How Great Thou Art”. Elvis Presley recorded “How Great Thou Art” and sold millions of CD’s worldwide. I admire Elvis singing the spiritual hymn, and carries with it, the spiritual vibrations, and devotion/praises to God. Praising God via singing is pleasing to our hearts, as well as pleasing God. We are a miracle and praise God for his blessings on us, by singing “How Great Thou Art”. Be the person God created to be, without comparing or be “like” the super stars, and enjoy and bring joy to your heart by singing.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas