It’s OK if things not going as planned or experiencing out of the box moments

Assisted livingOn Monday March 18th, I was scheduled to lead seniors non-denominational service at a assistant living center. I usually lead the senior group with singing, sharing and prayers. Once I got there, no people in the small theater where I hold the service. Came to find out one of the lady was sick, and another lady left the living center, and couple of men just wanted to hang out around the lobby. The activity director tried hard to round up some seniors for the service, but to no avail.

I was standing in the door way of the theater hoping some seniors would stop by for the religious service, but was not in the cards. So, instead of me standing at the theater door, I just started walking and greeting and smiling at the seniors in the hallways, at the lobby, and those that were getting and waiting to get massage on their legs/feet in a recreation hall. It was totally different experience for me. Here I am ready to lead the group in singing the hymns, all excited with energy. Even one resident lady gets very enthusiastic when Rev. Ernie comes to preside the service, and she carries a thick bible in her arms with a smile. But, she was sick and wasn’t there.

So my visit had become a ministry of meeting, smiling, shaking hands and bless them as I was passing. The residents really loved that. I spoke close to over 10 residents. I’ve learned to accept the circumstances those that were not in my control and make my time a joyful and energized event. In fact I liked it. It looked like as if I were campaigning for a political office shaking hands and smiling. :-).


Rev. Ernie Martin