Ministers/priests Preaching from the pulpit (alter) of a church would be thing of the past?

I am starting “Vegas Valley Spiritual Circles” discussions in Las Vegas. Our first discussion group is planned for Sunday, Sept. 23 at a spiritual store. The concept is to form circles of 10 people and a facilitator for each circle for spiritual discussions. This approach creates interaction among participants and active in the process. A title topic for discussion is selected by me and shared with the facilitators and participants and create a sense of dynamism. Topics will be inter-faith, and no one specific religion involved. The current way of preaching by the traditional churches is one way and very passive with no interaction by the congregation.

In the traditional delivery of worship services there is no response by the audience. The audience is subjected to sit quite and take it in. My circle approach would allow each participant to talk and share from within or the spirit from within; and ofcourse there are guidelines for our circle discussions.

I encourage active participation in sharing and say goodbye to traditional passivity and taking it in on Sundays. I grew up in the passive traditional church environments on Sundays. Change is coming, but will take time to adopt and to get a following.


Rev. Ernie