It’s exciting and joyous to sing Christmas Carols at a senior assisted living

Just few days ago this Christmas season of 2013, I decided to sing Christmas carols and involve the seniors living at the Silver Sky Senior Assistance Living at Deer Springs, Las Vegas facility to participate. I am the visiting non-denominational Interfaith minister once a month to the Silver Sky senior facility. There is a formal theater room for spiritual services, but, many residents prefer an informal way to gather at the hallway near their dining room. :-). The lunch starts at 11:30am, and they start milling around the hallway around 10:45am. :-).

I had in my folder close to 20 Christmas carols, both religious/traditional and secular, about half and half. The activity director was very supportive to get the word around “the reverend is here, the reverend is here”, and “come and join in singing.” The seniors, all of them women, were happy to join in singing, both the religious and secular (couple of men were not interested). Most of them knew the first stanza of the traditional carols as well as the secular carols. We sang about a dozen, half of each.

Just before 11:30am, we concluded our singing and the seniors were ready to rush in to the dining room for lunch. They sure enjoyed the singing of the Christmas carols, and shared their joy singing and listening to the carols. The seniors sure love smiling faces of the outsiders who visit them. I shook hands with each of them and wished them Merry Christmas. I’ll be visiting this assistance living facility in a month, in the new year.


Rev. Ernie, The Reverend of Love