You’ve to walk your own path in life

Your parents helped you raise you all through your childhood into adulthood. You were shown how your family worshipped and believed in a faith system that was palatable in their way of life. They taught you right from wrong. Many also taught to take responsibility for their actions. Some didn’t grew up with parents, so they are raised by other relatives or state institutions. Either way, when you became an adult, you are hit with multitude of choices and decisions in your path of life. Your God-given free will and ability to make decisions for everyday living becomes a life journey. A life journey you only are responsible for your actions. The divine spirit or God (Lord or Jesus if you prefer) is always within you.

Soon you realize something is guiding you this life’s journey. I recall I constantly used to ask friends or even look for references in books for “opinions and approvals/judgement”, every time I had to make a decision out of several choices. But, there is something in each of us, we overlook. That is the inner spirit. The spirit bestowed upon us by God, the divine spirit, unseen, and speaking to us. Are you listening? It takes certain guts to listen to inner voice. Do you trust yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you have confidence? Do you believe in your higher self? Questions like these pop up. When you are aware of the spirit communicating within you, you are offered choices to make decisions and you are responsible for making those decisions for your actions.

It sounds simple, but, it’s the inner awareness of the spirit communicating within us to experience the journey through life to be our self. To experience the inner awareness, you can start with a meditation and a prayer. Look and explore into yourself. You will find what you are looking for. Do you know you can entertain yourself by telling silly jokes to yourself? Do you know you can find joy and happiness in yourself? Do you know you can be you? Go discover your inner-self, which is God communicating within you. Listen to your heart and act.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


You have power to heal yourself

Everyone one has power to heal themselves. Be aware of the so-called faith healers as well as people who sell “medicines” over the counter giving hope for healing, who wants to profit by making a quick buck. I watched some TV religious shows, especially faith healing conventions in a tent or at a sports stadium or even at some churches. Many of us have been made to believe “others” with charisma about knowledge in God, faith, or holy books have more power to heal you. Don’t be misled. You have the same power of God in you. God operates through every one of us, and you are blessed and endowed with power of God within you. Most of our younger life and into adult life, we let others who are more learned in theology, give them power to set the pace for us.

You have all the attributes of divine spirit, Gods spirit with you. You are blessed with love and compassion and to share those attributes with others. You have the healing power to get well and enjoy your life and encourage others to be healthy, joyful and happy. You are responsible for your own health and welfare. Not even a medical doctor is responsible for your health and body. You make the decision from your free will to be healthy and share that sheer glow and joy with others. That free will is bestowed by God, the Infinite spirit that no one can see visually.

I suggest you meditate and pray and make it a habit. Believing in the divine spirit which sustains your everyday existence, will help relieve stress, tension and diseases. When you live from the heart directed (which is God speaking through you), you are bound to find happiness and don’t have to rationalize or analyze what makes you confident or healthy or prosperous in daily walk of life. Know that divine power/God watches you 24/7. It’s our faith and belief that sustains happiness and willingness to share with others. Don’t let outside influences or addictions to materialism deny you the happiness and joy you deserve.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

What would you do? Would you find out?

I was leaving a ATM bank near downtown Las Vegas, and saw a man lying down on a pavement of the parking lot. The man appeared to be middle age and a Caucasian.  I was curious and concerned. I went and asked him if he was OK, and he said he was waiting for couple of his friends to come out from the bank. He also said his friends will buy him a beer at a liquor store nearby. He asked me to look for two of his friends inside the bank. I said OK, and just when I was about to enter the bank, the two men were coming out of the bank.

The two men started walking and the man who appeared to be homeless was walking ahead of me. He said “I respect people of higher authority”, which was meant it was me. “I respect you Reverend” was his expression. As we were walking on the street pavement, the man talked to people and announced “here is the Reverend”. Than all the three men walked into the liquor store to buy some alcohol.

What drew me to this man who was lying on the ground was to find out if was safe and OK.  We must be concerned and care for others in need. We just can’t prejudge them just by their appearance. At least talk to them to find out if they need some kind of help. In several occasions I gave referrals to men to go the homeless shelters for food. Some of these men have addictions to alcohol and drugs and will ask for money. The man I’ve met at the bank’s parking lot didn’t beg for money. If possible, give them the non-emergency three digit number each state has. In my state of Nevada it 2-1-1, and that is operative 24 hours a day. Finding out others needs when they are in distress and in bad shape is a form of compassion and caring for others with love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, NV