Give thanks to God for your family, friends and prosperity

Some of us may have money and power. But, that does not bring happiness and joy in our lives. What brings love, joy and happiness are family, friends and a sense and feeling of prosperity. I’ve observed in many instances in our materialistic world, that when we are constantly wanting and desiring materialistic things, ego fulfillment, many of us put God or divine spirit in the backdrop. Instead we should give thanks to God by praying for having family, friends and being prosperous. We can sense deep down a feeling and a sense of security when we experience love from our family and friends. For some reason or other, when we “feel secured and comfortably prosperous”, God the spirit is not recognized or hidden in the background.

Time to time, I collect canned food for the homeless people at homeless shelters. Also, very poor people come to the shelter to collect canned food and bread in a bag for their families. I look at their faces. They are happy to get food in the bag for their families. I pray that these poor people better their lives. The homeless people in the shelters are getting help from the contributors and donors. The shelter managers constantly ask for donations for money, to keep these shelters open. And in Las Vegas, the city of lights, there is lack and prosperity. Amongst prosperous casinos with so much wealth, that can be seen from the shelters, there is homelessness. God will guide the angels to help and guide the homeless, and that is through ones awareness and enlightenment from within.

I thank God for what I have and with gratitude. A wonderful wife, shelter and food, friends, my sons and grand children, wonderful health. For me inner peace, harmony, and a sense of well-being is important. I encourage rejoicing, kindness and caring for each other. We are in this world to experience our created heaven on this earth. I encourage praying and meditation, communicating with God and listening to our inner voice from within. Feel God’s blessings.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada




Find a balance in a material world

Materialism - boxes The first 18 years of my life I grew up in India in a Christian family and in a Methodist boarding school. And all the years in my adult life I have been living in USA. So, I grew up having less materialist “stuff” in India, and more “stuff” as I began my adult life in USA. I’ve found balancing materialism to my way of life is more healthier, peaceful and harmonious. We are operating from a free will and decisions making in our everyday life. We are blessed for these attributes given by God (or higher spirit or divine). What is more challenging is obsessing with possessions and getting addicted year after year. Somehow many of us lost the spiritual life that is in awareness of love and caring for others.

Materialism - Ethical Materialism does make many of us self-centered, but, there are also some who are caring of their loved ones and neighbors as well as those who do not have anything. The more materialistic we get, the less spiritual we become. I mean, keeping God at bay, leading to isolation, separateness from people who need help or support. When we are God centered, we do pray and meditate for others and their well-being. Don’t get me wrong about the rich people. There are some rich people who do care, but, there is still homelessness and hunger in our own society. Imagine a small group of multi-millionaires in each city pooled some money with an awareness of eliminating homelessness.

Materialism - the stuff We must pray for prosperity and abundance for our residents in our communities. Which means each person uses God’s attributes to use their skills, knowledge, decisions and faith, to better themselves. The more we reach out to others, God blesses us in various unexpected ways. We must learn to share. God or the divine spirit wants us to care for others in need in our communities and beyond our own country. There is true joy and happiness when we reach out to others.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Smile! You are vibrating

Smile - with teeth Use your God-given gift, your smile.  Almost all of our human brethren have a gift of smiling. When we smile, we send out the vibrations from within ourselves and project it towards others. Project towards friends, loved ones, work associates, business clients, employees and even total strangers. It sounds very simple, but, many of us have difficult time of smiling due to several reasons. Maybe it is internal turmoil, or things didn’t go as expected, or misunderstanding with the loved ones, loneliness, the list goes on. When we smile, the world smiles with us. But, when we show or project our seriousness or depressed feelings to the outside world, the feedback is who cares?

Smile - Blue Smile is contagious. Something from within, which is inner directed, propels that energy or vibrations moves the flow and is contagious as well as sends positive feedback from others. It’s also healthy and good for the soul. The smile that I am saying is a genuine one, not just revealing your white teeth “for the sake of smiling.” Smile is inner driven at people or even at some marvels such as architecture or buildings. I smile at the gym when I pass by a fellow gym member. I just do not smile for the sake of smiling. When I see and make an eye contact, somehow my inner energy, which is God driven connects with the other individual. Many walk around or not aware of the energy they are sharing. Next time when you see someone, and they happened to share a smile, you smile with a genuine feeling in return and go on.

Smiley - Face If you have difficult time smiling even with your friends or anybody, practice smiling in front of the mirror. Practice at least 3 times a day. When I am at gym 5 days a week or sometimes 6 days a week, I reinforce my smile by opening my jaws fully and let my teeth expose and my cheeks pulled back at the dry sauna. Smiling is good for health and spreading the smile to others will bring joy, general uplifting and using your God-given vibrations to shine. Go spread your smile and charm, its good for your well-being and well beings of others.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The reverend of Love, Las Vegas

We are instruments of God to assist others

Welding booth Today I visited a welding vocational training area for boys and girls in Las Vegas, who want to learn a trade while still in high school. The director of this place is Peter. Peter formerly worked as a civil engineer and now helps out his wife as a vocational director. His wife is in charge of behavioral health/mental health clients. This is a community based service type of environment. Peter said the students who are learning welding are from broken homes or from very poor households or cleaned up from drugs. The training is for 3 months, 3 hours per day after school. But most students finish the program in 6 months or so. Peter says many young students have difficult time concentrating.

Welding with Josh - 1 Peter hired a welding instructor, and his name is Josh. Josh enjoys teaching the students how to weld. Josh is very dedicated in teaching welding and is highly motivated young man. It seems some students go on to find jobs as welders, making good income to support their families. Peter gave me good tour of the welding booths and equipment. He is motivated to help others, so that they can help themselves. There is no charge to learn welding. Peter said they also want to expand to industrial sewing. Sew car seats, industrial gloves etc. In fact he is looking for an industrial sewing instructor. (In picture is Josh, the welding instructor).

Welding with Josh - 2 I met Peter’s wife Eudora, and she co-ordinates services for behavioral health and mental health clients through other health care service providers. She is also highly dedicated to helping women or even men with mental and psychological problems. Most of their mental and psychological clients are women, and they have very high serious problems, such as going through domestic violence, drug addict, and other behavior problems. Peter and his wife are doing great service in their communities to better other peoples lives, and help bring joy, happiness, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. They are an instrument of God in action. I congratulated them for their service in the community. We are all instruments of God to help each other. We are vessels where others learn and we learn. (in picture is Josh, the welding instructor).


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


Where are you God? Are you there?

God Bless I constantly come across with some people with a question(s) like ” Where are you God? Are you there”? There are some people who pray and meditate on a daily basis and communicate and listen to God for answers. And some of them are grateful for what they have and are blessed. There are also many who just are in despair, sad, anguished, impatient, irritant, and unhappy for not getting “wants or needs” fulfilled.

God Heals Many of the spiritual belief systems do support prayers and meditations and to go within for answers. The scriptures in Bible says “Pray without ceasing”. Many Muslim devotees pray 5 times a day. Hindus and Buddhists meditate and pray. In Judaism, they pray at least 3 times a day or even more. There are several other belief systems that encourage meditation and silence. Even people that are non-religious spend quite time in awareness and in silence to quite their minds and seek answers from within and intuition.

God heart The challenge lies in experiencing the requests made. After praying, do your feet move for action? Have you started talking and sharing with others what you desire? Have you prayed and meditated with faith and believed its already done for you? Your intuition must be aligned what you desire and want to experience. Do you pray and meditate only when you have problems with finances, debts, ill-health, faulty relationships, unhappiness, etc? Many people turn to God and plead for help when things are desperate and don’t know where to turn. Take it from me: You are not going to find answers to your problems at the worship places or at some places of lectures who will preach “instant feel good” remedies. The answers and solutions are within you and must be implemented by way of taking action.

Waiting on God God helping hand God reveals answers and directions from within right where you are. God Is. God is All there is. God surrounds you. God is within you. There is something greater than we are, which sustains our lives, and that is infinite and unseen, some would call God, Lord, Almighty, Jesus Christ, Savior, Force, Energy, etc. In your self-awareness you will be noticing a “gut” feeling or “intuition” speaking from within to take action. The answer you seek is revealed. Believe and trust it. Ask, and it will be given to you. We all have a free will and choices to make in our lives. Make your choices wisely to experience joy, love, happiness, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity, secured feeling, inner contentment and a sense of well-being.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas