Healing power of love

We must pray to God to guide our inner and outer presence, to release our healing love towards others. We all face challenges in our walk of life, be it in personal relationships, health related illnesses or financial hardships. Pray for others to recognize God’s love towards themselves and others, and help them share it with others. We must send our healing love in our communities and other parts of the world. There is so much discordance and disharmony in our communities and in other parts of the world. The thing you can ask for yourself is: How can I make a difference sending healing power of love? There are several ways, and a better way is through prayer and meditation.

In our societies many are experiencing divorce, unemployment, challenges in finance, isolation, ill-health, our nation in wars, etc. We must pray and in meditation for peace, harmony, joy, happiness and prosperity. When we send out our energy and vibrations towards those who are hurting or need our prayers, they are bound to be helped by theĀ  power of love.

When we have an attitude for making a happier and joyful living in this life, we are experiencing the enlightenment through God’s grace. We must tame the ego, not to get in our walk of life to compare with others or make ourselves unhappy not getting what we want. Give thanks to God and spread the healing power of love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


Today is a new beginning

Always thank God for giving you a new day. We are a miracles in this life and on this earth. Pray for guidance in our daily life. Even though we missed the mark or made mistakes in life’s journey several times, we have the ability and know-how to center ourselves and live a joyful and happy life. We must acknowledge divine spirit, love and light within us and in others. Pray to God to leave behind judgements, mistakes, ill feelings, fear and personal egos, from yesterdays and the past. I’ve worked with several clients as a financial counselor who had personal financial challenges and they were having credit card problems. I made them realize there are solutions to their problems and get peace of mind from worries.

There are ways to look and move forward, to see new beginnings, in each of us, in joy, happiness, in good health, prosperity and serve others to fulfill our mission, in this adventurous life. We are blessed with Gods wisdom and use our will and decision-making choices to help us reach in the state of joy, happiness and enlightenment. Many of us have a tendency to carry past baggage with us. Yes, its scary to let go and let God handle our problems and worries. There are answers to every challenge and problems we face. Talk to loved ones and share. Might relieve psychological pain. Praying and meditation helps.

Be thankful for today and everyday. It’s a miracle you and I are experiencing the beginning of each day. Always remember you are in Gods hand and in his care.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Heaven on earth right now

This world can be made a heaven. As the saying goes “Heaven on Earth”. Its how we choose our lives and the decisions we make everyday. Many of us have been oriented or believe that heaven is experienced after physical death, after judgement. We don’t have to wait till we die to experience heaven. Heaven is right here where we are. When we have thoughts of love, joy, happiness, compassion, caring, helping each other, love each other, we are building heaven on earth. With the disharmony such as wars with nations due to power, money and conquests, we distanced ourselves by living joyful and happy lives.

In my lifetime I’ve read and observed wars such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan, Korean, etc. In some instances it’s about good over evil or political governance or what is good for the nation or acquiring wealth. With love and helping each other, we do not need wars and will reduce the wars. The challenge is putting our leaders to work for peace and prosperity for all nations. If each leader from the nation makes an effort to bring about “Heaven on Earth”, we are succeeding and experience joy, happiness and enlightenment.

As individuals we can make a difference to experience love, joy, happiness, gratitude and compassion by our self-reflection and reaching out towards others and helping each other. Heaven on Earth is at hand right where we are in our living life and on earth, not there somewhere in the sky. Pray to God or divine spirit for joy and happiness within self and share the love and joy with others.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas Nevada