“The Universal Spirituality of Love” – My Ministry by Rev. Ernie Martin

  yin-yang  Beliefs:

.     Each one of us has the energy/spirit within that can help us heal, improve our lives and do good for others and ourselves.

 .     We have the ability to connect creating a stronger sense of community which strengthens each of us as individuals.

 .     You do not lack anything. You have everything you need within. That unseen power, your faith can be revealed and brought forward to empower you and manifest what you visualize, imagine or want.

 .     Organized religions are man-made. All of them come from a defensive, “mine is better than yours” place, Emphasizing division and isolation between people and nations. Instead, we should come from a place of love accepting and embracing others treating them with “The Golden Rule.”


 .     Each one of us are blessed with gifts, talents and life experiences. When they are shared they will help others and help ourselves by releasing and bringing out the messiah, the messenger within – We can enrich our own lives and enrich the lives of others, when we share with love and openness.

.     We are all connected in one global society, through our vibrational level. We can’t SEE this energy, this vibration. However, there is no such thing as wasted energy. When we send out our flowing, vibrational energy of love and act upon it – we experience the benefits of the results. Like healing, abundance, friendship and care for the entire planet.

One way to apply this vibrational energy of love is through prayer and meditation. Our prayer or mantra is a direct communication with God, Universal Love, Source or Spirit.

  When we meditate and get still we are listening to that quite voice within everyone of us has it, that voice is God, Spirit, and always provides perfect answers.

Prayer When you come from an open space of love, there are no walls or barriers, only through hate does war happen- whether it’s between individuals, family members, a community, a nation, or our entire planet.

 We have free will to make our own choices.

 Instead, we should acknowledge and respect the loving nature of others. Every person has that core of love within, even if they are not currently connected to it.

 The only way people who hate can come to a loving place is to come to an awareness of the Universal Essence of goodness they have within.

 .     The drive for power in a negative way comes from insecurity and fear of loss or domination. When you come from a place of loving openness, and let your light shine, you become more naturally powerful and people will be eager to follow you, love you and respect you.

 .     The path to happiness and joy is discovered when you stop allowing yourself to be bombarded with outer things. It is easy to become addicted to our desires stemming from insecurity and fear. When we break free of our addictions we experience true joy and inner happiness.

.     When we experience this inner happiness we want for nothing and we call it bliss or “heaven on earth.” This is expressed in “The Lord’s prayer” when we say “On earth as it is in heaven.”

.     An important part of our journey here on earth is to discover, appreciate and grow to love our authentic selves. When we do this not only does our craving to be like others disappear, but we know we are loved for our true selves by others because that is all they see.

My many thanks and gratitude to my wife Denise Michaels, and my friend Joe Tasso, who both sat with me last summer and brain stormed with me to put my ministry on paper.

Ernie Martin is an ordained minister, and known as The Reverend of  Love. He respects and honors all spiritual belief systems that embrace love and kindness.


When one door of happiness closes, another opens

This is a very popular quote:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed-door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ― Helen Keller

20140115_142520We have started a New Year! Have you noticed some of our habits such as how good “the good old a year was or the past old days?” It’s easy to reflect on past, its OK on a short-term basis to reflect, and get a sense of what our current circumstances and situations we are experiencing. But constant and continuously dwelling in the past “good old days” really takes away our current joy and enthusiasm from the doors that have opened for us to see or discover. Maybe you may not see the doors open for joy or fulfillment but subconsciously you may be aware of it and eventually brings it to awareness. “Live in the moment”, is a new mantra. :-).

On a spiritual level, the scriptures say (Bible), “seek, and you shall find.” Or even on secular way, visualization and claiming what we desire in our life shows up in many forms.  Have you noticed how sometimes money just shows up. You send a prayer and the vibrations are acting up and somehow there is a sender and a receiver and manifests those that ask, and gracefully receive it.

The whole idea of experiencing the opened door is to let go of the past and see/feel the opportunities created for you. Thus the door(s) have opened for you, because you are receptive and have faith in possibility and the higher spirit to experience joy, fulfillment and happiness.

Peace and Light!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love