Say for yourself “I am peaceful and harmonious” when challenged with tension and stress

Train locomotive Just three days ago I was visiting my family in Southern California, and most of the time I ride the commuter Metro-Link train from Rancho Cucamonga to Union Station in Los Angeles to visit my longterm friend. It’s about one hour and 15 minutes ride ( 1 hr 15 min.). To my surprise things have changed in the parking situation at the Rancho Cucamonga train station. Last time I parked at the station was in June, just about 3 months ago, it was free, and free all the time. But now the city started charging fee of $4.50 per day, due to cutbacks in funding for the city’s parking maintenance.  My train was scheduled to depart at 10:10am to Los Angeles, and I was in the parking lot by 9:30am.

Permit parking zone metrolink To my surprise, there were posters “Permit Parking Zone” in the whole parking lot, where, hundreds of commuters have parked their cars with ID’s numbers passes of their license plates on their dash boards. I was starting getting “restless” and “unease”, not knowing a sudden change in rules of parking. So, I started looking for somebody, anybody to ask about what’s going on and how I can park for a full day. I located a security guard at the station, and he told me they changed the parking requirements and is not free anymore. He told me the cost of parking for the day and said the city started charging since July, just two months ago.

Permit parking zone metrolink The security guard also told me I had about 15 minutes to get the parking permit from the machine and place it on my dashboard, before the train arrives to pick up passengers heading to Los Angeles. He also advised me to look carefully at the machine’s screen because it was facing the sun (East), during the morning hours. Yes, it was difficult to see the instructions on the screen due to sun glaring on the glass, but I managed to buy the parking permit with the debit card. The machine only accepts credit or debit cards and does not accept cash. All along this time, I was saying to myself “I am peaceful”, “I am harmonious”.

Metrolink Ticket To make matters more inconvenient, the train ticket machine (vending machine) was not working and will not take money or take the debit card or give any ticket. The train was about less than 10 minutes for arrival. I was repeating to myself “I am peaceful”, I am harmonious”. Luckily the same security guard was standing at the station and I told him the problem with the ticket machine. He told me get the ticket on the train and tell the conductor the ticket machine was not working and pay the conductor. Ofcourse, this commuter train was less than 25% of the full capacity, because it was not the rush hour. I did relax on the train after all the “hustle bustle” with the parking permit and train ticket vending machine fiasco. What a sense of relief after getting on the train and enjoy the ride! “I am peaceful”, I am harmonious”.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


Patience, Beads and a Prayer in a Car

Wreacked car Just yesterday morning (Wednesday)  around 9am, I was returning to home from a business networking meeting in Las Vegas. All of a sudden, at the  major intersection of two boulevards with traffic lights, was an accident. The cars slowed down and there were multiple fire trucks, ambulances and police cars at the scene. Two cars were smashed. One car was going East the other probably making a left turn from West direction to go South.  Two cars were smashed and totally wrecked. I couldn’t see who was in the car or who got injured or loss of life. A very scary scene. A police officer was diverting the traffic and traffic going West was closed.

Ambulance and car accident  Than I realized in my mind why do drivers want to speed or don’t concentrate while driving?  This accident is in the city with the traffic light. What is the hurry? Why rush? What difference does it make if one is delayed by 2 or 3 seconds? Is it worth for total destruction of vehicles (and body/psychological injuries) while trying to get to the destination? It could have been avoided.

Prayer beads Than I immediately remembered I am carrying thread with beads (has a cross in the end), which I place it on my front dash-board. When traffic get congested and moving bumper to bumper, and alone, I pick up the beads into my hand and start chanting words like ” I am peaceful”, ” I am harmonious “, “I am relaxed”, “God bless the drivers of those vehicles involved”. I move the beads slowly with a chant and a prayer without closing my eyes. Prayer and meditation while driving. Just a caution: Do not close your eyes while driving and saying the prayer and the chant. Keep calm and patient. Prayer is fantastic. While praying and holding the beads, it does help with relaxation and able to cope with blood pressure and traffic. No need to rush. God is there to guide you and arrive energized with energy and relaxed.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Know you are in Gods (divine) hands

Insecurity job Have you felt a feeling of lacking confidence, self-doubting, uncertain, apprehensive, doubtful, anxious, timid, unstable, unsafe, undefended and vulnerable? We are conditioned in our society by our family members, friends, teachers, ministers, politicians, neighbors, and strangers. An unsettled feeling comes from low self-confidence. Many of us try very hard to prove ourselves to “make it”. We totally rely on our physical and emotional senses/attributes for relief and general well-being.

Confidence low Insecure feelings and lack of confidence affects our everyday productivity as well as deteriorate interaction relationships with family members, friends, work and business associates and other groups that we belong in communities. I see this circumstance as a lifetime issue. Some do seek  counseling with the professionals or even contact their local clergy for help. unfortunately, many do turn to alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, angry at their loved ones and friends, employers. Sometimes these insecure issues become vicious cycle and continue to nag. Many people do not want to seek help due to ego problems or embarrassment.

Meditation at beach There is a solution and answers for lacking self-confidence or other insecurities. Many of us act on ego level to get relief. There are some people in our society who do turn to belief faith system in the divine/God for guidance. That is well and good. Prayer and meditation is a great answer for strengthening confidence. Prayer is communicating with God (spirit, divine, Lord, Jesus Christ, etc) and meditation is listening to God or inner voice from within. Listen carefully to your intuition or “gut feelings”.  It helps. We are blessed with free will and ability to choose and make decisions. We can also request for prayers/meditations from others. The prayers and meditation from others will help. It’s the vibrations, waves and energy of prayers/meditations that propel for healing and strengthening, one with the divine/spirit.

Prayer believe and receive As we pray and meditate for confidence in our everyday life, we acknowledge something greater than we are, the infinite spirit/divinity. We are in good hands of God. It’s the faith in our belief system that propels to new dimension. Trust your instincts and intuition. God is the source and just ask for it and receive it. Think and treat God (Lord) as your personal friend. Many of us heard “let go and let God”. Developing confidence to conquer insecurities in our everyday living will help us lead a joyful, happy and content life. In process, praise God and give thanks for his help and support. Love God.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas