Good morning Life – What a lovely day

I am grateful to be alive. I am blessed with the day. Thank you God. I am so happy and joyful that I am breathing, enjoying, thinking and loving life. Many of us take the day for granted. Sometimes when I am asleep, I look forward for the new day. In process, I stay healthy by exercising, meditating at the gyms jacuzzi, quietness in the dry sauna, and steam room. I do not take the day for granted. Sometimes when I’m driving on the streets or the highways, I am safe and reach my home and destination with zest. We do not have to analyze how divine spirit keeps us alive. It’s Gods miracle and Gods plan we are alive.

Just recently a lady named Michelle passed away from cancer. It was a sad day. She had a husband and 3 children. I got to meet her on internet network. She was very encouraging and positive. My wife also knew her, and she met Michelle face to face in Oakland, California few months ago. We do not know when we will leave this physical earthly life. It’s Gods plan that we are alive. As long as we have this miracle life, and this miracle day, we must give thanks and gratitude to God, through prayer or self acknowledgement and awareness. Our state of mind is very important. We are blessed with the free will and decisions and choices to make in our daily life. We are here for a purpose. We are here to love one another and see God in each person we encounter.

Next time when you encounter any person, can be your loved ones, friends or even strangers, see them with God’s presence with them. See God in them. See God’s love in them. We have these joyful days, and we must fulfill Gods plan on earth. Practice seeing them through their eyes. You see their soul through their eyes. We are blessed to have another day. Each day is a blessed day, and God wants to fulfill his mission or plan for us. All the challenges we encounter in our day-to-day life, we must pray and bless the day to fulfill happiness, peace, harmony and love on this earth.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


You think God is testing you?

We go through life. Have a great family. Have a status type of job or thriving business. And someday, things start crumbling. Marriage or personal relationships are breaking up. Unemployment in horizon and an insecure feeling of losing a steady job or the business is not cutting it and losing money and deciding whether to close the doors. Is God testing us? No,. No, No. God is not testing us. God is love. God is light. Always eternal and always good. All the challenges are our earthly journey, possessions and attachments. Since our creator has blessed us with a free will and choices, we’ve made decisions to live a certain way of life and sometimes setbacks hit. In fact our faith in the divine spirit must be strengthened in times of short comings. The setbacks are the doings of earthly egos, dependence for our survival and attachments for materialism or relationships.

I’ve experienced real estate downfall two times, as a homeowner. I’ve seen high unemployment twice among professionals such as technology, education and labor, as well as corporate restructure, creating more unemployment and small businesses going under couple times. I’ve seen several failed marriages ending up in divorces due to finances or lack of interaction, as well as other problems. I’ve observed three wars. Easy to blame God. One thing we must learn is to let go or cut lose our addiction to materialism and fearful or insecure  relationships that are not loving. What I’ve seen in several instances is, many cling to their marriages because of children, finances and fear of unknown. And in this process, God is million miles away for many.

Know full well that God is right where you are. Within you. God is not testing you. Just acknowledge and be aware of God’s presence in you. God loves you. Pray and meditate. Act on your prayers. Listen to God from within and take action for the results you are seeking. While you are pursuing and strengthening your spiritual self, monitor and watch your steps and avoid getting into situations and circumstances that got you in hot water. God is your friend. He is with you all the time for you to be happy, joyful, kind and peaceful.

Blessings, Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Let Go and Let God

Life is not always joyful, happy, loving, prosperous, peaceful or harmonious. We are on a journey and learning as we go along. Problems and conflicts arise in our own families relationships, problems with work associates, business partners, even with children and grandchildren, spouses relationships, money problems, etc. Sometimes we do not have control of the circumstances and situations. The problems and challenges become enormous and are not able to cope with them. Some of us take it to alcohol, drugs, or even domestic violence. We try to rationalize or psycho analyze why these problems and challenges are nagging us or prolonging. And we don’t seem to cut it loose or escape from them. The more it lingers, it gets stressful, tensed, and some people experience nervous breakdown.

We are living in a culture that encourages individuality. Early in our upbringing, most of the young say “I’ll do it by myself”, or saying “I don’t need any help”, etc. While I was a volunteer phone lay minister at a large church, many callers have asked me what to do with their problems. They given up solving problems and found themselves cornered.  And their problems were enormous. Some had addiction to drugs, some given up disciplining their children, some were broke having money problems, some were suicidal, singles were having problems with commitment and trust, some were chronically unemployed, some even hated themselves, and so on.

The best thing is, when confronted with lingering problems and interaction with others is not helping, is to Let Go and Let God. Many people just cling to unhealthy habits and behaviors and have a very tough time letting it go. God or divine spirit is greater than we are. We must learn to trust God, who is just right there, within us. Able to release all the problems and free ourselves from bondage. Learn to communicate with God through prayer and listen to the answers from within. God communicates through each one of us. Having faith and trust in God, will surely alleviate your deep problems by letting them go and let God do the magic. You do not need a complicated prayer. Just plain words will do, and believe in it.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


Forgive, forgive, forgive

How many times we go through of daily walk of life and hold grudges, dislike, hate, unloved, unconcerned, unkindness, etc towards other people? True, we are human beings and have feelings and each of us commit mistakes. The longer we hold grudges towards others, the more unhappiest we become. It will prolong us in a state of joyless, unhappy, and disharmony. Somehow there is disjoint and misalignment from our spirituality and our relationship with others. As a spiritual beings and a human shell, we need to balance the two and be more God like. We are made in God’s image. God has a plan for each one of us in this life. In order for you to see God in others, we must learn to forgive when there is dislike, hate, unkindness, not loving, etc.

Over the years I’ve seen families with siblings, in-laws, married couples having developed grudges with each other. Case in point: While I was working as a financial credit counselor helping clients to manage their own personal finances and credit, their was so much animosity with the spouses and blaming each other of the money problems. I’ve also witnessed parents giving their college young children credit cards, and the children would be spending enormously and create extensive debt. Than parents would blame their college bound children. The blame game goes on. I’ve also seen brother against brother with some financial dealing gone wrong and not forgive each other.

Forgiveness must come from the heart and soul. At least forgive yourself for mistakes you are responsible. Say a prayer of forgiveness. Meditate and self reflect on yourself for forgiveness. I’ve seen some people in the past writing a letter to the other person for forgiveness, and keeping that letter with themselves, instead of mailing. That’s fine. That’s to express their desire for forgiving others and move on. A clear conscience and heart. When we forgive each other, we make our families relationships harmonious. We also use forgiveness in our communities and as a nation, so that we all move forward for better understanding of each other.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Give thanks to God for your family, friends and prosperity

Some of us may have money and power. But, that does not bring happiness and joy in our lives. What brings love, joy and happiness are family, friends and a sense and feeling of prosperity. I’ve observed in many instances in our materialistic world, that when we are constantly wanting and desiring materialistic things, ego fulfillment, many of us put God or divine spirit in the backdrop. Instead we should give thanks to God by praying for having family, friends and being prosperous. We can sense deep down a feeling and a sense of security when we experience love from our family and friends. For some reason or other, when we “feel secured and comfortably prosperous”, God the spirit is not recognized or hidden in the background.

Time to time, I collect canned food for the homeless people at homeless shelters. Also, very poor people come to the shelter to collect canned food and bread in a bag for their families. I look at their faces. They are happy to get food in the bag for their families. I pray that these poor people better their lives. The homeless people in the shelters are getting help from the contributors and donors. The shelter managers constantly ask for donations for money, to keep these shelters open. And in Las Vegas, the city of lights, there is lack and prosperity. Amongst prosperous casinos with so much wealth, that can be seen from the shelters, there is homelessness. God will guide the angels to help and guide the homeless, and that is through ones awareness and enlightenment from within.

I thank God for what I have and with gratitude. A wonderful wife, shelter and food, friends, my sons and grand children, wonderful health. For me inner peace, harmony, and a sense of well-being is important. I encourage rejoicing, kindness and caring for each other. We are in this world to experience our created heaven on this earth. I encourage praying and meditation, communicating with God and listening to our inner voice from within. Feel God’s blessings.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada



Comfort and Peace of Mind through Prosperity

We look at others and at ourselves and weigh in to not really content or satisfied. We say what’s the problem with me? In this kind of thinking, we are neglecting to see God’s love reaching us. In a way we are not sure ourselves when things don’t go the way we think and how we view prosperity. Prosperity doesn’t mean just stacking up lots of money in the bank. It’s also good health, good family relationships, applying oneself to do the best in a job or business and knowing God loves us and strengthens us for well-being. It’s about balanced lifestyles and feel content, instead of being too greedy or dissatisfied our walk of life. Remember, God always loves us, and the door is open to receive love. It is our hearts that need to be opened wide and share it with others.

I recall sometimes I was unhappy in my corporate jobs with large corporations. I was seeing that my peers did well and making more money than I was. When we put God or divine spirit in situations where ego and excessive wanting is involved, we learn to see and experience, there’s more to it than wanting materialistic things. So, the learning lesson is to be grateful what we have, rather than continuously berating ourselves, not having it and out of reach. We do get irritated and frustrated when we don’t get what we want. This calls for inner inquiry, such as prayer and meditation and seek answers.

We have to learn to live within our means. The peaceful and happiness mindset is available to all, and that is through God’s acknowledgement, that a greater power is accessible to each and everyone. When we stop comparing with others, and seek our inner joy and happiness, we truly are making this world a more prosperous place to live. Let you and I be an example to others and see that excessive wanting, craving, is not the way to prosperity or happiness.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Healing power of love

We must pray to God to guide our inner and outer presence, to release our healing love towards others. We all face challenges in our walk of life, be it in personal relationships, health related illnesses or financial hardships. Pray for others to recognize God’s love towards themselves and others, and help them share it with others. We must send our healing love in our communities and other parts of the world. There is so much discordance and disharmony in our communities and in other parts of the world. The thing you can ask for yourself is: How can I make a difference sending healing power of love? There are several ways, and a better way is through prayer and meditation.

In our societies many are experiencing divorce, unemployment, challenges in finance, isolation, ill-health, our nation in wars, etc. We must pray and in meditation for peace, harmony, joy, happiness and prosperity. When we send out our energy and vibrations towards those who are hurting or need our prayers, they are bound to be helped by the  power of love.

When we have an attitude for making a happier and joyful living in this life, we are experiencing the enlightenment through God’s grace. We must tame the ego, not to get in our walk of life to compare with others or make ourselves unhappy not getting what we want. Give thanks to God and spread the healing power of love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada