You are beautiful

We are all part of God or part of divine spirit. Created in God’s image. When we look into the mirror we see the essence of who we are. Most races and cultures identify how “beautiful” a person is. It’s mostly from the outside appearance with a blend of personalities. We must accept the way we look and are. Each one of us are beautiful. You are beautiful. The challenges prevail when we start comparing with each other. Have you ever heard “she is prettier and beautiful” than any other woman, or “he is the most handsome man” I’ve met. Of course these are personal and cultural preferences. Most of us grew up with these labels from our peers, even our own parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

A good Samaritan or people  loving each other or caring for others or helping others in many ways or concerns for themselves and others are beautiful in their own right and uniqueness. I’ve seen men divorcing their wives or even leave them while being married for a much younger woman, because the young woman is beautiful in her physical and psychological personalities. I’ve also seen women jump the ship for a man with status and a good paying job. I’ve also observed how many people treat men and women with disabilities, such as mental illnesses or physical appearance due to some form of disability. All these ego and desiring based attractions sidestep the true beauty of each other.

It’s each one of our hearts that have love, caring, joy, happiness and peace in our soul that transcends the outward physical and personalities. We each one of us are a miracle in itself. Without being critical and judgemental of others, we surely can project our love towards each other. Ever notice a heartfelt smile and a touch, is like a magnet and good for the soul? Even a hug among friends creates a wonderful bonding of caring and trust. So, next time you meet your friends, neighbors, business owners or bosses, loved ones or even strangers, acknowledge you see God in them and smile. God is love, you are loved, and you are beautiful.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


You think God is testing you?

We go through life. Have a great family. Have a status type of job or thriving business. And someday, things start crumbling. Marriage or personal relationships are breaking up. Unemployment in horizon and an insecure feeling of losing a steady job or the business is not cutting it and losing money and deciding whether to close the doors. Is God testing us? No,. No, No. God is not testing us. God is love. God is light. Always eternal and always good. All the challenges are our earthly journey, possessions and attachments. Since our creator has blessed us with a free will and choices, we’ve made decisions to live a certain way of life and sometimes setbacks hit. In fact our faith in the divine spirit must be strengthened in times of short comings. The setbacks are the doings of earthly egos, dependence for our survival and attachments for materialism or relationships.

I’ve experienced real estate downfall two times, as a homeowner. I’ve seen high unemployment twice among professionals such as technology, education and labor, as well as corporate restructure, creating more unemployment and small businesses going under couple times. I’ve seen several failed marriages ending up in divorces due to finances or lack of interaction, as well as other problems. I’ve observed three wars. Easy to blame God. One thing we must learn is to let go or cut lose our addiction to materialism and fearful or insecure  relationships that are not loving. What I’ve seen in several instances is, many cling to their marriages because of children, finances and fear of unknown. And in this process, God is million miles away for many.

Know full well that God is right where you are. Within you. God is not testing you. Just acknowledge and be aware of God’s presence in you. God loves you. Pray and meditate. Act on your prayers. Listen to God from within and take action for the results you are seeking. While you are pursuing and strengthening your spiritual self, monitor and watch your steps and avoid getting into situations and circumstances that got you in hot water. God is your friend. He is with you all the time for you to be happy, joyful, kind and peaceful.

Blessings, Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you bombarded with materialism?

How much “stuff” you want to accumulate in your life? As we are constantly experiencing the temptation of acquiring, be it large bank balance, multiple cars, multiple homes, lots of furniture, high-tech toys, etc. Questions to ask oneself is: Do I really need it? Am I driven to attract materialism from my spiritual core deep within? Does these “things” make me happy? Am I fulfilling God’s plan for me on this earth? Am I serving others or helping others? Am I just acquiring to fulfill my insecure feelings? Am I indirectly want to show off others, so that I’ll be well-respected and gain respect from others? These kind of self questions help us think from within and go within to communicate with God and seek out answers.

I grew up in India till I were 18 years old. I am used to living a humbled life style. I was traveling in a 3rd class train compartment (these days they have up to 2nd class) because it was the most inexpensive way to travel for students with concession, and people in the low economic strata. What I’ve observed in US is, advertisers promote their  products rigorously and consumers fall for it. It’s a great temptation and spend very little time and effort in spiritual journey and growth. Maybe go to church on Sundays once a week. What we lack is awareness to include God in our everyday life. God is love. We get all wrapped up making money either working very hard to earn income or spend long hours running a business and contemplating how to acquire more materialistic stuff.

We cannot lose the sight of God and stray from God’s plan for us. Even in India these days after several decades of economic and educational development, many residents are becoming materialistic due to Western influence and technology. It’s our ego that wants to experience the earthly stuff, that is exciting, feels good, sense of security, gratification, etc. We must not lose focus on the divine spirit, and be aware why we are here on this earth. We are here to spread the love of God, and reach out to help others and experience joy, peace and harmony.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

God is always there for you

When fallen in tough times, many people do seek God. Even in good prosperous times, many do give thanks to God for the blessings bestowed upon them. The beauty is God is always there for you, regardless of your circumstances. Yes, the power of God’s love is infinite, and those that seek God’s love is always, available to them. In tough times as well as in good times. In our materialistic society, we put too much emphasis on money and somehow putting too much energy just to be employed or get into a business to make a living, even though many do not have a deep passion deep inside them. To keep up with the standard of living or the neighbors or expectations from a spouse or partner, the man or woman totally gets engulfed into making that almighty dollar, which they think will make them happy.

And at times, when things go sour for some reason or other, be it the economy or family setback or unforeseen issue, they fall flat on their back and start scratching their head, as to why me and blame themselves, and even blame God for their misfortunes. Be reminded: God is always there for you. As a financial credit counselor, I’ve seen hundreds of couples and singles stressed out up to their gills. Even the devotees in their beliefs, were confused and looking for answers. But, when they sat back, and became calm, they came to realize there is something they can look into for their burdens and stresses. Some of them said they will start praying to God to straighten up their finances.

They were thankful somebody was there to sort out and give them peace of mind. God is there all the time. God is there to listen and provide directions and answers to all the challenges in life’s journey, be it financial, physical illnesses, broken relationships among family members and friends, and disturbed peace and harmony. God is eternal and infinite and there for you, waiting. Just claim what you desire and the answers will be shown to you. Yes, God is your friend, and always there for you.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Expect God to do Miracles

Just hoping something will happen for the better, is nice, but there is much more to it. Many of us are hampered by sicknesses and illnesses. We all want to feel good and healed. How can God do miracles you may ask. It depends of each others beliefs and their mindset. God or divine spirit is available to all. It’s our faith in God, that produces the results. When we expect healing, we are healed. It’s in our hearts and minds of the faith in God, that we truly experience healing. When people get sick and take too many medications, it might help alleviate the discomfort. The problem is many depend on drugs instead of expecting God to do miracles to heal them.

Nowadays due to information and internet age, we have Facebook. I see so many requests by Facebook friends for prayers for healing for their loved ones. Recently, a prayer request was made for her father’s surgery. Other times others requested prayers for their parents or siblings suffering from heart attack or diabetes or cancer or other serious illnesses. Yes, expect a miracle. It’s our belief that God will do miracles in all aspects of our lives. Be it physical healing, prosperity, love relationship, bringing joy, peace, etc. To communicate with God, we must pray and listen to God’s answers from within. All of us have the same attributes to witness God’s miracles in our lives. It’s for the asking. Faith in God is the key to witness miracles.

I’ve a spiritual friend, who carries with him a business type card saying “Expect a Miracle”, and gives to anybody he comes across. One day we were in a restaurant having lunch, and he gave the Expect a Miracle card to a total stranger. I was surprised, and it was something new for me. I smiled. I got the message. I told myself, who doesn’t want a miracle? A miracle of love, finances, healing, forgiving, peace for anyone who seeks it. A prayer and expectation of a miracle sure is a gift from God. Claim it and bless it.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


Teach and share with children love of God

God is love. God loves all people. We live in a society with different races, cultural backgrounds and upbringing. Parents and elders must teach children God loves all children and all people, regardless how they look or their cultural backgrounds. Lately, we’ve been witnessing hate crimes of other races, and resulting in loss of life. It is tragic. When children are made aware of God’s love for each one of us, and spread the love, the children will get along better with others and their peers, and lay a foundation of love for their friends and neighbors. It’s all about taking God or divine spirit into the children’s awareness and into their lives and applying it share it with others.

My early life experience as a teenager in a Christian boarding school in India, Taught me good lessons  to respect other students with other religious affiliations such as those who were raised as Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists, and of course fellow Christians. We were about 300 students residing in boarding school itself, and a total of 4,000 students during day time, attending from surrounding communities. Our boarding hostel warden or administrator, encouraged all the residents of boarding to respect each others belief systems and backgrounds. We were encouraged to attend Sunday school, all of the students with different beliefs as well. It gave the young students a sense of awareness to respect and honor different backgrounds and beliefs. We were taught God loves everyone.

When we teach children the love of God, when they grow up as adults, we will have very less hatred towards others. The whole idea of God’s love is taught early in the childhood by parents and elders. When parents slide back, and the children go astray, problems start creeping up on hate and discrimination, just because some people look different and have different backgrounds. The core of the young living lies in encouragement by parents and elders. I thank my parents and my boarding school administrator to have me taught the love of God to me. Without their involvement and constant encouragement, I do not know how I would have turned up.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


Teach children about God’s blessings

Children do need guidance towards understanding God’s blessings. Many of the young children born these day and age get caught up in materialistic environment such as cell phones, video games, computers, sports and watching lots of TV. Parents must take time to teach their children the countless blessings they have been bestowed upon them and the family. An early introduction to prayers is wonderful. Say a blessing every time the family eats together. Morning, lunch and dinner. The more prayers of thanks are taught at an early age, it will reside with them the rest of their lives. It’s a sense of awareness of God’s blessings that will reside in children’s lives and carry-on through their adult lives.

I was about five or six when my family taught me to bless the food we were about to eat. Our simple prayer was “God bless this food”. The blessing is powerful indeed. When I was attending a Christian boys boarding school in South India from ages 12 through 18, we said blessings for all the meals for the day, every day. While I was growing up, I used to see several young children begging for food in India. I said a prayer to bless these young children with food and for their daily life. It’s sad to see so much waste in US, especially the food we eat. US is a land of plenty, blessed with very productive agricultural crops and raising cattle and fowl. We must encourage our children to give thanks and gratitude to God for our farmers and cattle raisers to put food on our tables.

Not only food for the blessings, but also teach them for a home to stay and sleep, clothing, and their education. The children will learn the value and respect for what they have and be in awareness for those that do not have basic necessities of daily existence. Maybe even take children, especially teenagers to visit homeless shelters. by witnessing some homeless children and adults how they live. This will help the children to be more thankful to God, for what they have.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada