Expect a Miracle by transforming your Life

Miracles “Expect a Miracle” is a huge topic for conversation and for a blog. But, I am delighted to share some aspects of Expecting a Miracle. This is a abbreviated way of sharing the blog, and in coming days I’ll have more in-depth discussion. As many of us are going through our daily life, and we recognize or in awareness think something is not part of our everyday life and want to experience that feeling, we think of the “undefined” feeling. Be it be intimate relationship, prosperity, healing, friendships, peace of mind or harmony or even experiencing the God’s divine in us.

Prayer - Nature beauty First step is find out what kind of miracle we are seeking. If we are not focused or specific to that kind of miracle we want to experience in our lives, our mind will go astray or in different directions. This leads into confusion or doubt not knowing what we want as miracle. I suggest to go deep into your mind and find out. This calls for meditation at special and quite place. The environment must be quite and relax the mind. Even close your eyes if needed. Meditation is listening to your inner voice. Listen to your inner voice and keep practicing and trust your instinct.

Pray to God, for guidance. Praying to God is communication with God, which means you are talking to God.Listen to God through your inner voice and trust it. Allow yourself for change and take a new direction if needed. Pay attention to what you really desire to experience. Learn to keep an open mind. Try not to be critical on yourself and others.

Prosperity, abundance, success The power of God  is always accessible to all, when asked. As the scriptures say “Ask and you shall receive”. With an open heart you will receive. Bless others in your life. This is a transformation of oneself, and does not belong to “Me, Me, Me”  type of attitude or mentality. Also, when you want a miracle, ask why you want it. Just asking for a miracle for the sake of “acquiring” will not work.

Removing all the obstacles with others and from within helps. Many of us do have some built up defensive walls about healing, prosperity, views about others, relationships, family loved ones and friends. Learn to get the defenses down and become more peaceful and harmonious.

When we ask for a miracle, and in fruition, we must learn to receive with an open heart and be joyful. Give thanks to God for such an experience. Be a testimony to others, so that others will Expect a Miracle in their lives.


Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


The benefits of prayer and meditation

Prayer When we quite our minds, and chatter diminishes, there is something unique changes goes through our minds and bodies. Take advantage for this quietness by means of prayer and meditation. Prayer is communicating with God, and meditation is listening to God. they both need to be combined into one.

For meditation, we need to quite our minds in a private location, where there is no disturbances such as family or friends conversations, TV noise, phone ringing/conversation etc. Caution: do not close your eyes while driving just to meditate. Focus on driving and stay awake. I do meditate at my gym’s jacuzzi, anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Meditation is listening from within (the spirit) and stop bombarding the mind thinking about just making lots of money, or getting bogged down to “acquiring” things. We allow it to happen and open to receiving for the vibrations, waves and thoughts we have sent out. Here there is the Law of Attraction at work.

Prayer is communicating with God. We verbalize and ask God ( whatever your belief system is) what is that we want to experience in this life such as healing from illness or better health, joy, prosperity, love, compassion, confidence, trust, etc. In turn, we must listen to our inner voices and act accordingly. We must trust God’s messages, that are communicated through each one of us, and apply in our daily life to experience happiness.

As the scriptures say, pray without ceasing. We have to learn to form a habit of praying all the time, during the day and evenings. Through faith in God, and in our beliefs, and through prayers/meditations, we ask, and willing to receive, we do experience what we desire.


Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Experiencing joy, excitement, smiles and compassion, anxiety, caring – All in less than 24 hours

Wedding CeremonyJust last Sunday evening I officiated a wedding ceremony of a young couple at an event center. The atmosphere was with full of joy and excitement. I even took a picture of the newly wed couple to post on my facebook page. Our culture honors and celebrates weddings with fanfare and with plenty of jest and enthusiasm. I even recall the bride’s mother come up to me after the ceremony to thank me for a very joyful wedding ceremony. Ofcourse, I acknowledged her emotion and thanked her for appreciating the heart felt ceremony. Even the newlywed groom came up to me in the hallway and gave me a hug with a big smile.

Elderly woman in distressLess than 24 hours on the following day, on Monday morning, I went to volunteer my time to minister at a senior assisted living care home/residency. While I was meeting and greeting the senior residents in the hallway close to the dining hall, all of the sudden there was stark feeling of anxiety and sad look on the seniors. Bunch of paramedics were going to the one of the resident’s room to take her in a ambulance to the hospital on a gurney. The resident had a oxygen tube in her nose. The residents have shown compassion and concern for this resident and were worried as to what was happening to one of their resident neighbor.

AmbulanceMyself as a monthly visiting volunteer Interfaith minister at the senior assisted living, experienced the compassion and concern shown by the residents strolling around the hallway close to the dining room, which was about to open for lunch in 20 minutes. Here I am, just less than 24 hours, I experienced joy, elation, smiles, laughter and enthusiasm at the wedding ceremony, and now experiencing and observing compassion, care by the residents of the senior assistance living facility. Its a vast paradigm of emotions experiencing in a span of less than 24 hours. I thank God for experiencing such emotions and life goes on.


Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


This mothers day: All mothers who have made their transition are in the hearts of the living children

Mother's day picture A mother’s love is always in the heart of her children, even when she is in heaven. Over the years, I recall sending her flowers via the phone. Also sent her a mothers day card by mail. On mother’s day I didn’t miss calling her on the phone and wishing her happy mother’s day early in the morning from Los Angeles area and Las Vegas, west coast time.

After she passed, year after year for the past 12 years, I do miss sending her “flowers on phone,”  “mailing the card” and “making the phone call” as well as conversation about her well being.  But, her love resides inside in my heart and she is with me in spirit.

Happy mothers day Amma. (Mom).


Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Forgiveness – Great for the soul

Forgiveness If you have any animosity towards others due to “their” faults and mistakes (or sins) against you, be prepared to forgive them. It’s very hard to forgive especially hard crimes committed causing broken hearts, ill feelings and sadness. By the way, sin in Greek means “missed the mark”. When somebody or self misses the mark, we can correct it and get back to correct path. For some reason the word “sin” is not understood by even the clergy. The word over the centuries, especially among the Christians has made it scary and keeping believers in fear. As I said, sin means ” missed the mark”, and can be corrected to do the right thing.

Many people just live with sadness and a constant reminders of “other” persons crime or resentment against you. One of the best ways to resolve and get closure is to make a decision is to forgive them.

The first step is to forgive oneself (yourself), and than forgive others. Pray about forgiving yourself and others that are involved in the forgiving stage.

When forgiveness take place, there is a sense of harmony, peace and understanding within self. You are freeing yourself by forgiving yourself and freeing others against you. Forgiving is a wonderful virtue. Pray and meditate about forgiving yourself and than forgiving others. Experience peace and harmony and get a closure by way of forgiving.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas