Teach children about God’s blessings

Children do need guidance towards understanding God’s blessings. Many of the young children born these day and age get caught up in materialistic environment such as cell phones, video games, computers, sports and watching lots of TV. Parents must take time to teach their children the countless blessings they have been bestowed upon them and the family. An early introduction to prayers is wonderful. Say a blessing every time the family eats together. Morning, lunch and dinner. The more prayers of thanks are taught at an early age, it will reside with them the rest of their lives. It’s a sense of awareness of God’s blessings that will reside in children’s lives and carry-on through their adult lives.

I was about five or six when my family taught me to bless the food we were about to eat. Our simple prayer was “God bless this food”. The blessing is powerful indeed. When I was attending a Christian boys boarding school in South India from ages 12 through 18, we said blessings for all the meals for the day, every day. While I was growing up, I used to see several young children begging for food in India. I said a prayer to bless these young children with food and for their daily life. It’s sad to see so much waste in US, especially the food we eat. US is a land of plenty, blessed with very productive agricultural crops and raising cattle and fowl. We must encourage our children to give thanks and gratitude to God for our farmers and cattle raisers to put food on our tables.

Not only food for the blessings, but also teach them for a home to stay and sleep, clothing, and their education. The children will learn the value and respect for what they have and be in awareness for those that do not have basic necessities of daily existence. Maybe even take children, especially teenagers to visit homeless shelters. by witnessing some homeless children and adults how they live. This will help the children to be more thankful to God, for what they have.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


Give thanks to God for your family, friends and prosperity

Some of us may have money and power. But, that does not bring happiness and joy in our lives. What brings love, joy and happiness are family, friends and a sense and feeling of prosperity. I’ve observed in many instances in our materialistic world, that when we are constantly wanting and desiring materialistic things, ego fulfillment, many of us put God or divine spirit in the backdrop. Instead we should give thanks to God by praying for having family, friends and being prosperous. We can sense deep down a feeling and a sense of security when we experience love from our family and friends. For some reason or other, when we “feel secured and comfortably prosperous”, God the spirit is not recognized or hidden in the background.

Time to time, I collect canned food for the homeless people at homeless shelters. Also, very poor people come to the shelter to collect canned food and bread in a bag for their families. I look at their faces. They are happy to get food in the bag for their families. I pray that these poor people better their lives. The homeless people in the shelters are getting help from the contributors and donors. The shelter managers constantly ask for donations for money, to keep these shelters open. And in Las Vegas, the city of lights, there is lack and prosperity. Amongst prosperous casinos with so much wealth, that can be seen from the shelters, there is homelessness. God will guide the angels to help and guide the homeless, and that is through ones awareness and enlightenment from within.

I thank God for what I have and with gratitude. A wonderful wife, shelter and food, friends, my sons and grand children, wonderful health. For me inner peace, harmony, and a sense of well-being is important. I encourage rejoicing, kindness and caring for each other. We are in this world to experience our created heaven on this earth. I encourage praying and meditation, communicating with God and listening to our inner voice from within. Feel God’s blessings.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada



Interact and see God in others

Next time when you see people, who can be your relatives, friends or strangers, see God in them. Look them into their eyes and smile. Say to yourself, “I am seeing god” walking towards me. When we interact and acknowledge others as divine spirits, our perceptions and attitudes change. We send out the vibes and love that is invigorating. And when we interact, and there happens to be challenges in our life, there is a tendency to experience miracles of healing. Oh what a feeling. Imagine how our communities, our nation and our world will be, when we acknowledge each other the interaction of God within. Our hate, animosities, fear, mistrust will disappear. Love, trust, compassion and prosperity consciousness would take place.

I recall few times driving in the city, encountered several homeless people asking for money or asking for food. I usually carry with me the phone number of the rescue mission, who serve free dinner for the hungry. I try my best to give the homeless person(s) the phone number to call the rescue mission. In many parts of US, there are non-profit agencies or state agencies who will respond to the free call by the homeless persons to be picked up and drive them to the rescue missions. The help to the needy is available, at no cost to the assistance seeker. Sometimes I also have a feeling that God shows up in disguise in front of me to seek help.

We are all in God’s image and taken a human face to fulfill God’s plan in this world. We  are a miracle in this world. We learn and grow from the society’s culture, environment, obey parents and authorities, and make a living through working for others or as a business person. See God at work, at business, in school, in loved ones, in strangers, wherever you go. God is love. So when we are in tune within with God as of wholeness into self, our defenses are lowered and are at harmony and peace. We are here to build heaven on earth.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bless the money – In God We Trust

We work, or get into business or live on fixed income or work part-time, and earn income and make our daily living by spending and saving. In US, all the currency from a penny to highest dollar bills in circulation is stamped ” In God We Trust”. It’s a wonderful habit to be in awareness when we release money to spend or circulate it. This is by blessing the money when we spend or release it for the good of our community and society. It does wonderful things. We release energy and the blessings of God for the welfare of the people who receives it.

Every time I give a donation to a homeless person on a street, I bless the coins, whatever the amount it is. I want the money to be used for bettering the hungry or homeless person’s life. Just recently I met a man outside of a big retail store. He was asking for money. I approached him and asked to go to Las Vegas Rescue Mission or Salvation Army for a free meal, which is about 5 miles where the man was standing and asking for money. He told me he is familiar with those organizations, but was kind of far for him to go, this was in the evening. He was content with 25 cents I gave him (he was happy to receive it), which I had in my change plastic bag. I blessed the money for better use and circulation.

When we bless and release the money in for circulation, whether it is for our daily consumption, or helping others in time of need, or even giving it to our loved ones and friends, it does wonders. Its our faith and mindset that the receiver will utilize to benefit his/her life, helping the community and society. We must see people in prosperity. Our world is blessed with resources for sharing and giving, and we must look at God is in circulation and do good for each other. Releasing the money with positiveness filled with energy, will multiply prosperity and a sense of community. We feel good too.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

What goes around, comes around

Remember to be good, nice, friendly, smile, helpful, hospitable to others. In time, it will return back to you. Sometimes it’s known in Hinduism as Karma. When you send out send out positive vibes or energy, it will move towards others and back to you. One can believe in it. I do. I also keep in mind, that fellow human being when in need, can be helped, without analyzing or rationalizing. When we offer and do something from our heart, we do without expecting it back. But, unknowingly, some good things happen in our own life without knowing. What a blessing.

I’ve observed several times during economic downturn in US. In recession and high unemployment times, when we help our friends and neighbors through information and communication about their job prospects or business ventures seen on-line or newspaper or heard a vacancy from others, I’ve shared it with friends who needed a job. It’s a great feeling. We need to keep in mind when friends and neighbors are in need and they are asking for our help. When we are blessed and others whom we know are going through hard times, must keep them in our minds and hearts to assist them in every way we can. We must stay away from judging them of their circumstances.

When we get out of a mindset “What’s in it for me”, and focus freely and unconditionally to help a friend or neighbor or homeless people, we are doing something good by referring them to the resources that are available to help themselves. Let your heart communicate through you to reaching out. You are God directed, and God wants you to minister to others when they are in need. Notice the change in you when you do a good deed helping a friend or contacting friends to help a friend. There is something about clear conscience.  You will be happy and in congruence with God calling on you. Call it anything you want.


Reverend Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

What would you do? Would you find out?

I was leaving a ATM bank near downtown Las Vegas, and saw a man lying down on a pavement of the parking lot. The man appeared to be middle age and a Caucasian.  I was curious and concerned. I went and asked him if he was OK, and he said he was waiting for couple of his friends to come out from the bank. He also said his friends will buy him a beer at a liquor store nearby. He asked me to look for two of his friends inside the bank. I said OK, and just when I was about to enter the bank, the two men were coming out of the bank.

The two men started walking and the man who appeared to be homeless was walking ahead of me. He said “I respect people of higher authority”, which was meant it was me. “I respect you Reverend” was his expression. As we were walking on the street pavement, the man talked to people and announced “here is the Reverend”. Than all the three men walked into the liquor store to buy some alcohol.

What drew me to this man who was lying on the ground was to find out if was safe and OK.  We must be concerned and care for others in need. We just can’t prejudge them just by their appearance. At least talk to them to find out if they need some kind of help. In several occasions I gave referrals to men to go the homeless shelters for food. Some of these men have addictions to alcohol and drugs and will ask for money. The man I’ve met at the bank’s parking lot didn’t beg for money. If possible, give them the non-emergency three digit number each state has. In my state of Nevada it 2-1-1, and that is operative 24 hours a day. Finding out others needs when they are in distress and in bad shape is a form of compassion and caring for others with love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, NV

Walk the talk

Giving bread I am surprised. Just under a week ago, I’ve written a blog on ministering and serving and I mentioned to carry some energy bars and canned soup in the car for distribution. Today I went to a local ATM bank. Just as I was leaving the ATM, a woman in her 40’s with a push cart, approached me and asked me for a quarter (25 cents). First of all I did not have any change with me. 2nd, I’ve energy bars and a vegetable soup can in my car. So, I offered her an energy bar and the soup can. She took it. But, when she left with her push cart, she lighted up a cigarette.

Giving soup Maybe God is testing me to see if I am walking my talk. Perhaps this woman changed her identity and came as a hungry individual as a God’s messenger to approach me. She was receptive of the food I gave her. This scenario was a great lesson for me in action. I did not judge this woman in a critical way. She went on with her push cart  lighting her cigarette. God bless her. In our walk of life we are bound to face some challenges and we have to use our God-given mind and compassion for our fellow human beings, regardless of their circumstances they are in.

Giving to homeless man in suit I also carry with me some phone numbers of local help organizations, such as homeless shelters, food banks and other groups. The list of phone numbers are just next to my drivers car door storage area. Be prepared to give and serve. Never know who will come out the thin air and ask for food or small change. I also keep a public bus schedule at the driver door storage area. If somebody is lost on a major boulevard, I can help them take a right bus to their destination if they seek help. A nice way to help is to suggest calling non-emergency number for sleeping and eating meals.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas