We are in a spiritual world buffeted by the physical world

Spiritual energy As spiritual beings we are pure. Pure in spirit and everything is perfect. No need to fix it or correct it and it is eternal. In the physical world as humans, its temporary experiences on this earth. As humans, we are here on earth to learn, grow and teach. Ever notice how we are accustomed to live on a daily basis? Man made belief systems (religions), obeying rules and regulations, man-made laws to govern societies (by the way, there are 613 commandments in Judaism), parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, strangers, communities, etc. We are also measured by how much money we earn to make a living and driven by ego to excel in some life directions. Ofcourse in physical world, we are judged by our looks as well.

Bank for physical experience When I am saying about “buffeted” by the physical world, ever notice how we for example open checking or savings accounts at a bank? Ever notice how rules and regulations about banking is applied for us to “behave” and “act” when we adhere to money matters in an “organized” settings? Sitting in a bank with the bank representative demands patience, and provide all the information necessary to open an account after qualifying. Next time when you rent a car, first thing a rental car agency will ask is for a credit card and a driver’s license. We are connected to protect banks investments and laws governing streets and highways.

War and soldiers Ofcourse as physical humans, and depending within a society (country), we are governed by security authorities such as police and military for safety and protection. No such governing as spiritual beings. Egos play a greater role in human authority such as power. As humans and in advanced and developing nations, we have more fear to live by. Fear of  our “fellow” human beings, from “other” nations or cultures or tribes. I am talking about living in fear by amassing nuclear weapons. Even though we will not use them ( I am sure we will not use it), otherwise, we all will be in trouble facing very hardships just to breath and drink water or cultivate food for sustenance.

Love you with a flower Somehow in our walk of physical existence, we are endowed with free will and choices and learned behaviors from others, societies/communities. In a way, we are tamed.  We are here to experience love, joy, peace, happiness, harmony, kindness, compassion, gratitude, well-being, blessings, reverence to God. So, it all depends how we use our free will by way of making decisions with enormous choices to choose from. Isn’t it something, with one or two wrong decisions from the choices we have, can also develop anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, neglect, rudeness, ethnocentric, bossing, harmful, isolated, hunger, homeless, fights, wars? So, we are put on earth to experience the physical being and learn, grow, get along and transition (physical death) to our spiritual being after some time. What an adventurous journey!


REV. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


Listen to others and offer prayers and blessings

Prayer with people I encourage friends, neighbors, strangers, associates and on-line friends to pray for people who are seeking/asking some kind of justice, consolation and comfort in their community. This does provide peace and harmony and its good for the soul. What it also means is to listen to the inner voice, which is the voice of God. Currently, our nation’s residents are going through some soul-searching on the shooting death of a young man by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. There are protests (they are saying to hear their voices) by the cities residents, and law and order forces want to keep the peace. For some reason or the other, the two clashed. Can’t relate to each other just by showing sheer power. If we understand each other and go within for answers, there is a good chance we come up with solutions to resolve very sensitive issue.

Prayer with hands When we see and hear Peoples communique via their voices (or writings) and the way they feel, prayer and meditation will help and serve as a mediator for harmony and peace and bring comfort to others. At this time our nation is involved helping Middle East nations in conflicts , such as Iraq (preventing genocide of the minorities), Israel/Gaza, concerns in Libya and Syria, etc. At the same time we are going through a reflection and soul-searching of ourselves as to whats going on in our own backyard, loss of life and the mourning residents of Ferguson, Missouri. Many of our citizens are just shocked and hard of understanding. We have people resources, technology and willing to help out foreign conflicts and somehow neglect to find solutions in our own communities. God has blessed us with enormous intelligence, free will and choices for everyday living. We awaken our inner strength only when there is crisis in our communities, especially when there is an innocent loss of life.

Prayer with people Through prayers and meditation, we can make a big difference in our communities. We pray for leaders in Missouri state to make right decisions to assist its residents in a compassion and kind way, so that each person is treated respectfully while they express their disenchantment the loss of life of their resident. We are all spiritual beings, with human experiences. Our faith in God (or Jesus Christ, Divine Spirit, Higher power etc) with reflections in our inner self, and praying/meditating,  will bring harmony to the community that is hurting. God bless residents of Ferguson.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


How does God use you to serve your community? Family, friends, neighbors and on-line friends?

Serving others Most of us do get caught up in our own self fulfillment affairs, and in a way become more individualistic, and addiction to materialism gets out of hand. Some of us do volunteer our time to serve others. And sometimes it goes beyond, such as: “How does God use you to serve your community? Such as your family, friends, business or work associates, neighbors and on-line community”? When looking from a spiritual perspective, we go deep into our soul and inquire as to serve God (or Lord, or Almighty, Divine Spirit, Energy, Vibrations or Waves, etc).

Helping - power of helping others Are you listening to your inner voice to serve others? Sometimes it’s a matter of self-awareness and bring out the compassion, understanding, love, concern and sharing when moved. Prayer and meditation does help to go deep within, and ask God for guidance. God works through individuals. We have been blessed with free will and make a decision on numerous choices we face.

Helping others It’s not just the homeless or hungry people or street wanderers who need help. There are people who are family members, friends, neighbors, communities, on-line friends who also need help. The best way to find out is to interact with all the people we get in contact. Some issues that we can help with, such as dealing with stress, tension, sadness, misunderstandings, small financial help, respite, company, listening, support system, bereavement, walking to improve health, sharing knowledge, sharing food, collecting food, etc comes to my mind. Even providing transportation to doctors offices and supermarkets.

God helping hand Serving from the heart center in alignment with spirituality of the divine has more fulfillment in ones daily living. God centered calling to help others brings more fulfillment and experience a sense of harmony, and well-being of both the provider and receiver. There is a greater reward for such actions. One thing we notice in this journey is, it’s not tied to expectations of money or compensation, pride and bragging rights of the service provided. We become humbled. We see humanity. We act from the aspects of God within us and show the love and sharing. God is always within us, its a matter of knowing and being aware of Gods light within us.

With love and light!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

We are instruments of God to assist others

Welding booth Today I visited a welding vocational training area for boys and girls in Las Vegas, who want to learn a trade while still in high school. The director of this place is Peter. Peter formerly worked as a civil engineer and now helps out his wife as a vocational director. His wife is in charge of behavioral health/mental health clients. This is a community based service type of environment. Peter said the students who are learning welding are from broken homes or from very poor households or cleaned up from drugs. The training is for 3 months, 3 hours per day after school. But most students finish the program in 6 months or so. Peter says many young students have difficult time concentrating.

Welding with Josh - 1 Peter hired a welding instructor, and his name is Josh. Josh enjoys teaching the students how to weld. Josh is very dedicated in teaching welding and is highly motivated young man. It seems some students go on to find jobs as welders, making good income to support their families. Peter gave me good tour of the welding booths and equipment. He is motivated to help others, so that they can help themselves. There is no charge to learn welding. Peter said they also want to expand to industrial sewing. Sew car seats, industrial gloves etc. In fact he is looking for an industrial sewing instructor. (In picture is Josh, the welding instructor).

Welding with Josh - 2 I met Peter’s wife Eudora, and she co-ordinates services for behavioral health and mental health clients through other health care service providers. She is also highly dedicated to helping women or even men with mental and psychological problems. Most of their mental and psychological clients are women, and they have very high serious problems, such as going through domestic violence, drug addict, and other behavior problems. Peter and his wife are doing great service in their communities to better other peoples lives, and help bring joy, happiness, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. They are an instrument of God in action. I congratulated them for their service in the community. We are all instruments of God to help each other. We are vessels where others learn and we learn. (in picture is Josh, the welding instructor).


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas