Opening ourselves to God

Prayer with hands  Dear Lord, we thank you for giving us, this blessed and miraculous day. We pray that we recognize, and in awareness of the divine spirit, thereby, transformation taking place in our lives. We pray for healing with love in our communities, and in other parts of the world. Guide us to send our prayers, vibrations and waves of love, towards others.

Lord, we pray to recognize our God given attributes of love, to open ourselves, to understand others, and without judgement and expectations, give and share love unconditionally.

We ask you God to bless us with love, kindness and compassion. Bring peace and healing to our communities, our nation and the world, creating Heaven on Earth.

And so it is!



My prayer “Today is a new beginning”

Prayer with peopleLord, thank you for giving us this new day. It’s a miracle to see a new day. Guide us to see, and acknowledge divine spirit, love and light, within us and in others. Lord, we pray to leave behind, judgements, mistakes, ill feelings, fear and personal egos, from yesterdays and the past.

We pray to move forward, to see new beginnings in each one of us, we continue sharing of our daily miracles, in joy, love and happiness, in good health, prosperity, and serve others to fulfill our mission, in this adventurous life, to bring heaven on earth.

And so it is!