Walk the talk

Giving bread I am surprised. Just under a week ago, I’ve written a blog on ministering and serving and I mentioned to carry some energy bars and canned soup in the car for distribution. Today I went to a local ATM bank. Just as I was leaving the ATM, a woman in her 40’s with a push cart, approached me and asked me for a quarter (25 cents). First of all I did not have any change with me. 2nd, I’ve energy bars and a vegetable soup can in my car. So, I offered her an energy bar and the soup can. She took it. But, when she left with her push cart, she lighted up a cigarette.

Giving soup Maybe God is testing me to see if I am walking my talk. Perhaps this woman changed her identity and came as a hungry individual as a God’s messenger to approach me. She was receptive of the food I gave her. This scenario was a great lesson for me in action. I did not judge this woman in a critical way. She went on with her push cart  lighting her cigarette. God bless her. In our walk of life we are bound to face some challenges and we have to use our God-given mind and compassion for our fellow human beings, regardless of their circumstances they are in.

Giving to homeless man in suit I also carry with me some phone numbers of local help organizations, such as homeless shelters, food banks and other groups. The list of phone numbers are just next to my drivers car door storage area. Be prepared to give and serve. Never know who will come out the thin air and ask for food or small change. I also keep a public bus schedule at the driver door storage area. If somebody is lost on a major boulevard, I can help them take a right bus to their destination if they seek help. A nice way to help is to suggest calling non-emergency number for sleeping and eating meals.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


Claim your ministry

Ministering serving Everyone in this world is a minister or capable of being a minister. What I mean is we are all ministers helping and serving each other. Unfortunately, many in the faith and belief world, think preachers, ministers, pastors, spiritualist teachers, priests, etc are the ones ministering to others in need. God has put you on earth to help yourself and help and serve others. There are some who do take action to cure homelessness and hunger. or other causes such as praying for the sick for healing and blessings. Human problems are solved by humans with Gods guidance communicated from within. Many times it takes self-awareness or recognition to help others in need.

Ministry Hospitality Next time when you see someone asking for money or saying he or she is hungry, see what you can do eliminate or reduce their suffering using common sense. In recent months, I’ve been carrying energy bars and canned soup in my car. So, while I’m driving in town or going out-of-town, and meet some one who is asking for money or food, I’ll offer energy bar or soup. I also encourage carrying phone numbers of social community help agencies, such as local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, teen runaway agency, etc. Be aware that most states in USA have a non-emergency number 211 for shelter and food needs. Help the person on the street by calling the 211 number, while the help seeker is standing next to you. The help state agency will come for aiding the person. In many states, it’s a 24 hours service.

Ministry elderly Praying for friends when they ask for prayers is wonderful. Sometimes they are at a hospital or at home. Either way pray for their healing. You can even start a discussion group on several spiritual and community issues on-line or phone webinar discussions . There are several topics for discussion. Maybe start something on world hunger, domestic violence, healing, forgiveness, prosperity, gratitude, etc. In my own experience, I started free phone webinars discussions on several spiritual discussions. Friends from all over the country. Serving others with compassion will bring inner contentment and serving God as well.  People appreciate the service as well and are grateful.


Rev.  Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


To experience joy, serve others

Serving - reaching out with hand Many times I hear, I am not happy or do not find it in myself. The key is to get out from within and bring joy to others. In our society we have a tendency to say me, me, me. It’s a form of selfishness and are consumed from within. When we feel in-secured within us and look for outward fulfillment, we get obsessed to posses. The central theme being not aware of our spirituality. As individuals, God (Infinite Source, Lord, Savior, etc) has given all the attributes in us. We are driven by egos and distancing from spiritual awareness. When we ease our minds of wanting and not obsessed with it, we definitely can shift the energies from inward to outwards to help and care for others. Ofcourse we tend to help our immediate family loved ones.

Serving others Reaching to others with kindness and a willing to assist, brings us a sense of joy, inner satisfaction and our spirits rise. Even making simple phone calls to seniors that are living by themselves feel elated and knowing somebody out there cares and reaches out to them. Remember everyone gets old. We need to be aware that others need human interaction as well, especially seniors who live alone or who lost a spouse recently. I also suggest to just stop by at senior centers and let the staff know that you are there to greet and meet the seniors.

Serving others with a heart Offer a prayer and a smile to those that are lonely, especially the seniors. It’s great for the soul. There are others who need interaction and caring too. Like the homeless shelters, patients in hospitals who do not have any relatives to visit them. When we reach out to others, somehow our own problems tend to vanish, and brings healing. We are also given the opportunity to look into ourselves, and know we are blessed with good health, prosperity and a kind heart. It gives us a great joy to share our goodness and smiles with others, who really need it.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

How does God use you to serve your community? Family, friends, neighbors and on-line friends?

Serving others Most of us do get caught up in our own self fulfillment affairs, and in a way become more individualistic, and addiction to materialism gets out of hand. Some of us do volunteer our time to serve others. And sometimes it goes beyond, such as: “How does God use you to serve your community? Such as your family, friends, business or work associates, neighbors and on-line community”? When looking from a spiritual perspective, we go deep into our soul and inquire as to serve God (or Lord, or Almighty, Divine Spirit, Energy, Vibrations or Waves, etc).

Helping - power of helping others Are you listening to your inner voice to serve others? Sometimes it’s a matter of self-awareness and bring out the compassion, understanding, love, concern and sharing when moved. Prayer and meditation does help to go deep within, and ask God for guidance. God works through individuals. We have been blessed with free will and make a decision on numerous choices we face.

Helping others It’s not just the homeless or hungry people or street wanderers who need help. There are people who are family members, friends, neighbors, communities, on-line friends who also need help. The best way to find out is to interact with all the people we get in contact. Some issues that we can help with, such as dealing with stress, tension, sadness, misunderstandings, small financial help, respite, company, listening, support system, bereavement, walking to improve health, sharing knowledge, sharing food, collecting food, etc comes to my mind. Even providing transportation to doctors offices and supermarkets.

God helping hand Serving from the heart center in alignment with spirituality of the divine has more fulfillment in ones daily living. God centered calling to help others brings more fulfillment and experience a sense of harmony, and well-being of both the provider and receiver. There is a greater reward for such actions. One thing we notice in this journey is, it’s not tied to expectations of money or compensation, pride and bragging rights of the service provided. We become humbled. We see humanity. We act from the aspects of God within us and show the love and sharing. God is always within us, its a matter of knowing and being aware of Gods light within us.

With love and light!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas