You think God is testing you?

We go through life. Have a great family. Have a status type of job or thriving business. And someday, things start crumbling. Marriage or personal relationships are breaking up. Unemployment in horizon and an insecure feeling of losing a steady job or the business is not cutting it and losing money and deciding whether to close the doors. Is God testing us? No,. No, No. God is not testing us. God is love. God is light. Always eternal and always good. All the challenges are our earthly journey, possessions and attachments. Since our creator has blessed us with a free will and choices, we’ve made decisions to live a certain way of life and sometimes setbacks hit. In fact our faith in the divine spirit must be strengthened in times of short comings. The setbacks are the doings of earthly egos, dependence for our survival and attachments for materialism or relationships.

I’ve experienced real estate downfall two times, as a homeowner. I’ve seen high unemployment twice among professionals such as technology, education and labor, as well as corporate restructure, creating more unemployment and small businesses going under couple times. I’ve seen several failed marriages ending up in divorces due to finances or lack of interaction, as well as other problems. I’ve observed three wars. Easy to blame God. One thing we must learn is to let go or cut lose our addiction to materialism and fearful or insecure  relationships that are not loving. What I’ve seen in several instances is, many cling to their marriages because of children, finances and fear of unknown. And in this process, God is million miles away for many.

Know full well that God is right where you are. Within you. God is not testing you. Just acknowledge and be aware of God’s presence in you. God loves you. Pray and meditate. Act on your prayers. Listen to God from within and take action for the results you are seeking. While you are pursuing and strengthening your spiritual self, monitor and watch your steps and avoid getting into situations and circumstances that got you in hot water. God is your friend. He is with you all the time for you to be happy, joyful, kind and peaceful.

Blessings, Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


God is always there for you

When fallen in tough times, many people do seek God. Even in good prosperous times, many do give thanks to God for the blessings bestowed upon them. The beauty is God is always there for you, regardless of your circumstances. Yes, the power of God’s love is infinite, and those that seek God’s love is always, available to them. In tough times as well as in good times. In our materialistic society, we put too much emphasis on money and somehow putting too much energy just to be employed or get into a business to make a living, even though many do not have a deep passion deep inside them. To keep up with the standard of living or the neighbors or expectations from a spouse or partner, the man or woman totally gets engulfed into making that almighty dollar, which they think will make them happy.

And at times, when things go sour for some reason or other, be it the economy or family setback or unforeseen issue, they fall flat on their back and start scratching their head, as to why me and blame themselves, and even blame God for their misfortunes. Be reminded: God is always there for you. As a financial credit counselor, I’ve seen hundreds of couples and singles stressed out up to their gills. Even the devotees in their beliefs, were confused and looking for answers. But, when they sat back, and became calm, they came to realize there is something they can look into for their burdens and stresses. Some of them said they will start praying to God to straighten up their finances.

They were thankful somebody was there to sort out and give them peace of mind. God is there all the time. God is there to listen and provide directions and answers to all the challenges in life’s journey, be it financial, physical illnesses, broken relationships among family members and friends, and disturbed peace and harmony. God is eternal and infinite and there for you, waiting. Just claim what you desire and the answers will be shown to you. Yes, God is your friend, and always there for you.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada

What would you do? Would you find out?

I was leaving a ATM bank near downtown Las Vegas, and saw a man lying down on a pavement of the parking lot. The man appeared to be middle age and a Caucasian.  I was curious and concerned. I went and asked him if he was OK, and he said he was waiting for couple of his friends to come out from the bank. He also said his friends will buy him a beer at a liquor store nearby. He asked me to look for two of his friends inside the bank. I said OK, and just when I was about to enter the bank, the two men were coming out of the bank.

The two men started walking and the man who appeared to be homeless was walking ahead of me. He said “I respect people of higher authority”, which was meant it was me. “I respect you Reverend” was his expression. As we were walking on the street pavement, the man talked to people and announced “here is the Reverend”. Than all the three men walked into the liquor store to buy some alcohol.

What drew me to this man who was lying on the ground was to find out if was safe and OK.  We must be concerned and care for others in need. We just can’t prejudge them just by their appearance. At least talk to them to find out if they need some kind of help. In several occasions I gave referrals to men to go the homeless shelters for food. Some of these men have addictions to alcohol and drugs and will ask for money. The man I’ve met at the bank’s parking lot didn’t beg for money. If possible, give them the non-emergency three digit number each state has. In my state of Nevada it 2-1-1, and that is operative 24 hours a day. Finding out others needs when they are in distress and in bad shape is a form of compassion and caring for others with love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, NV

God’s power is free! Use it!

God connected electric plug Electricity at home or at business or at a restaurant/coffee shop or even at a church costs money. But God’s power is free and use it for daily living. Recognize and be aware of it. It’s right where you are, inside of you and surrounded around you. You don’t have to attend churches or holy places of worship to come in contact with God. Sure, one can go to worship services for sense of community with members, friends and participate listening to the minister’s ceremony and prayers . But God resides inside of you and with you and me all the time. Recognize and be aware of the creator’s power with you and use it for your loving relationships, health, prosperity, forgiveness and serving others.

God heart I went “church hopping” in my mid 30’s and part of my early 40’s to find spirituality, God and even love life in my personal life. I thought God was “out there.” My fellow seekers became my friends as well. We were in the same boat looking for God and some sense of relief from the day-to-day bustle. Personally got dependent on “others ministries and churches” instead of acknowledging God and spirit within. Using God’s power from within with affirmations does wonders. Say these affirmations to yourself: I am prosperous; I am healthy; I am attracting love in my life; I am forgiving and forgive myself; so on. “I am” is using God’s power. It’s free.

Gods power in hand light Next time when you are walking around at the shopping malls or super markets, even at worship places, or at work places, business facilities, etc, see God in them. Isn’t it wonderful you see God and spirit in action in each individual? We are blessed with free will and choices to make decisions. Our decisions in life will determine the kind of experiences we live. Also, our decisions in life have consequences. The more we think of God’s love in our daily life, the better we feel about ourselves and treat others lovingly. So, use God’s power inside of you for free. No charge. Just your desire and the will to turn on God’s power.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Your Eyes – Window to your soul

Eyes - Man and a woman at a cashier Have you ever noticed looking at people’s eyes when they are talking and you are listening, or vice versa? Did you look into their eyes and not analyze or rationalize their other parts of their bodies or personalities? Your eyes are the windows to your soul. There is somethings about the eyes. You can see yourself in other persons eyes, and goes straight into their mind and soul. They can see your eyes too, and see your soul through their eyes. The beauty is to be aware or in the knowing when you look into other people eyes while sharing and talking. You see your spirit or the God in you while looking deep into their eyes. This phenomena of connecting the divine with each other subconsciously in the moment are connected and see the charm and beauty of each other.

Eyes - Wedding officiant As a minister and a wedding officiant, I’ve seen several wedding couples who are standing just two feet from me, exchanging marriage vows and rings, I can see in their eyes the joy, love, elation, light, charm, the closeness projecting into each others eyes and into their soul. Most of the brides at that time were very emotional and tearing. I’ve seen few grooms shed their tears too. I make the couple to hold hands and look into each others eyes and repeat the marriage vows. The couple show the God in them in action and travels in each others souls. I feel much joy and elation looking at the couples eyes and taking the marriage vows and exchanging weddings rings.

Eyes - couple at cashier So, next time in your daily life, make an effort to look at them in the eyes. Maybe at a grocery store, when the cashier looks at you for the payment for your groceries. Look into her or his eyes. See yourself into their eyes and her/his in your eyes. Or next time when you see and converse with your supervisor at work, or your business associates, your customers, or at school/college, or your minister at a church/temple, or at a restaurant. You will be amazed how much trust and confidence you will develop. Looking into people’s eyes with focus, also helps the other person. they will develop trust and confidence  in you too. Let the God in you shine and project that light.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


How does God use you to serve your community? Family, friends, neighbors and on-line friends?

Serving others Most of us do get caught up in our own self fulfillment affairs, and in a way become more individualistic, and addiction to materialism gets out of hand. Some of us do volunteer our time to serve others. And sometimes it goes beyond, such as: “How does God use you to serve your community? Such as your family, friends, business or work associates, neighbors and on-line community”? When looking from a spiritual perspective, we go deep into our soul and inquire as to serve God (or Lord, or Almighty, Divine Spirit, Energy, Vibrations or Waves, etc).

Helping - power of helping others Are you listening to your inner voice to serve others? Sometimes it’s a matter of self-awareness and bring out the compassion, understanding, love, concern and sharing when moved. Prayer and meditation does help to go deep within, and ask God for guidance. God works through individuals. We have been blessed with free will and make a decision on numerous choices we face.

Helping others It’s not just the homeless or hungry people or street wanderers who need help. There are people who are family members, friends, neighbors, communities, on-line friends who also need help. The best way to find out is to interact with all the people we get in contact. Some issues that we can help with, such as dealing with stress, tension, sadness, misunderstandings, small financial help, respite, company, listening, support system, bereavement, walking to improve health, sharing knowledge, sharing food, collecting food, etc comes to my mind. Even providing transportation to doctors offices and supermarkets.

God helping hand Serving from the heart center in alignment with spirituality of the divine has more fulfillment in ones daily living. God centered calling to help others brings more fulfillment and experience a sense of harmony, and well-being of both the provider and receiver. There is a greater reward for such actions. One thing we notice in this journey is, it’s not tied to expectations of money or compensation, pride and bragging rights of the service provided. We become humbled. We see humanity. We act from the aspects of God within us and show the love and sharing. God is always within us, its a matter of knowing and being aware of Gods light within us.

With love and light!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas