7. Too Much Daylight in Siberia: A Train Buff’s Russian Trans-Siberian Adventure

7. Too Much Daylight in Siberia

My body clock has changed, due to time difference with    Moscow time on the train and local weather and day light.  I was not eating plenty of vegetables. Taking vitamins, Pycnogenol and Psyllium on a regular basis. Taking the pill for cholesterol at nights, as regular as possible. It’s about 5pm Moscow time or 9pm through Siberia, it looks like 9pm or even 8pm in this vast Siberia, with green trees and farms. Moscow time on train is 100% consistent, and throwing many travelers off base. The best time to use the bathroom is around 6am Moscow time. Many are still sleeping, but very bright day with sun light through Siberia. The night is very short, more like 3 hours. I’ll cover my eyes with eye covers tonight, so that I can sleep for longer hours.

 Been listening to Mariachi music on my CD the last couple nights before sleeping. Also listened to a Russian folk instrument pop music, before falling asleep. Russian pop is on my cell phone, recorded from YouTube back home. The restaurant train car meals are fine, and have many choices. Russians eat too much pork and beef, very little chicken. Also Salmon is there, but does not look baked, it is smoked. It will be interesting to see, what the next two travelers will be like, after those two Michael and Vladimir get off in Irkutsk. So far, the train ran smoothly, no problems.