Heaven on earth right now

This world can be made a heaven. As the saying goes “Heaven on Earth”. Its how we choose our lives and the decisions we make everyday. Many of us have been oriented or believe that heaven is experienced after physical death, after judgement. We don’t have to wait till we die to experience heaven. Heaven is right here where we are. When we have thoughts of love, joy, happiness, compassion, caring, helping each other, love each other, we are building heaven on earth. With the disharmony such as wars with nations due to power, money and conquests, we distanced ourselves by living joyful and happy lives.

In my lifetime I’ve read and observed wars such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan, Korean, etc. In some instances it’s about good over evil or political governance or what is good for the nation or acquiring wealth. With love and helping each other, we do not need wars and will reduce the wars. The challenge is putting our leaders to work for peace and prosperity for all nations. If each leader from the nation makes an effort to bring about “Heaven on Earth”, we are succeeding and experience joy, happiness and enlightenment.

As individuals we can make a difference to experience love, joy, happiness, gratitude and compassion by our self-reflection and reaching out towards others and helping each other. Heaven on Earth is at hand right where we are in our living life and on earth, not there somewhere in the sky. Pray to God or divine spirit for joy and happiness within self and share the love and joy with others.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas Nevada


What would you do? Would you find out?

I was leaving a ATM bank near downtown Las Vegas, and saw a man lying down on a pavement of the parking lot. The man appeared to be middle age and a Caucasian.  I was curious and concerned. I went and asked him if he was OK, and he said he was waiting for couple of his friends to come out from the bank. He also said his friends will buy him a beer at a liquor store nearby. He asked me to look for two of his friends inside the bank. I said OK, and just when I was about to enter the bank, the two men were coming out of the bank.

The two men started walking and the man who appeared to be homeless was walking ahead of me. He said “I respect people of higher authority”, which was meant it was me. “I respect you Reverend” was his expression. As we were walking on the street pavement, the man talked to people and announced “here is the Reverend”. Than all the three men walked into the liquor store to buy some alcohol.

What drew me to this man who was lying on the ground was to find out if was safe and OK.  We must be concerned and care for others in need. We just can’t prejudge them just by their appearance. At least talk to them to find out if they need some kind of help. In several occasions I gave referrals to men to go the homeless shelters for food. Some of these men have addictions to alcohol and drugs and will ask for money. The man I’ve met at the bank’s parking lot didn’t beg for money. If possible, give them the non-emergency three digit number each state has. In my state of Nevada it 2-1-1, and that is operative 24 hours a day. Finding out others needs when they are in distress and in bad shape is a form of compassion and caring for others with love.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, NV

Walk the talk

Giving bread I am surprised. Just under a week ago, I’ve written a blog on ministering and serving and I mentioned to carry some energy bars and canned soup in the car for distribution. Today I went to a local ATM bank. Just as I was leaving the ATM, a woman in her 40’s with a push cart, approached me and asked me for a quarter (25 cents). First of all I did not have any change with me. 2nd, I’ve energy bars and a vegetable soup can in my car. So, I offered her an energy bar and the soup can. She took it. But, when she left with her push cart, she lighted up a cigarette.

Giving soup Maybe God is testing me to see if I am walking my talk. Perhaps this woman changed her identity and came as a hungry individual as a God’s messenger to approach me. She was receptive of the food I gave her. This scenario was a great lesson for me in action. I did not judge this woman in a critical way. She went on with her push cart  lighting her cigarette. God bless her. In our walk of life we are bound to face some challenges and we have to use our God-given mind and compassion for our fellow human beings, regardless of their circumstances they are in.

Giving to homeless man in suit I also carry with me some phone numbers of local help organizations, such as homeless shelters, food banks and other groups. The list of phone numbers are just next to my drivers car door storage area. Be prepared to give and serve. Never know who will come out the thin air and ask for food or small change. I also keep a public bus schedule at the driver door storage area. If somebody is lost on a major boulevard, I can help them take a right bus to their destination if they seek help. A nice way to help is to suggest calling non-emergency number for sleeping and eating meals.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Claim your ministry

Ministering serving Everyone in this world is a minister or capable of being a minister. What I mean is we are all ministers helping and serving each other. Unfortunately, many in the faith and belief world, think preachers, ministers, pastors, spiritualist teachers, priests, etc are the ones ministering to others in need. God has put you on earth to help yourself and help and serve others. There are some who do take action to cure homelessness and hunger. or other causes such as praying for the sick for healing and blessings. Human problems are solved by humans with Gods guidance communicated from within. Many times it takes self-awareness or recognition to help others in need.

Ministry Hospitality Next time when you see someone asking for money or saying he or she is hungry, see what you can do eliminate or reduce their suffering using common sense. In recent months, I’ve been carrying energy bars and canned soup in my car. So, while I’m driving in town or going out-of-town, and meet some one who is asking for money or food, I’ll offer energy bar or soup. I also encourage carrying phone numbers of social community help agencies, such as local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, teen runaway agency, etc. Be aware that most states in USA have a non-emergency number 211 for shelter and food needs. Help the person on the street by calling the 211 number, while the help seeker is standing next to you. The help state agency will come for aiding the person. In many states, it’s a 24 hours service.

Ministry elderly Praying for friends when they ask for prayers is wonderful. Sometimes they are at a hospital or at home. Either way pray for their healing. You can even start a discussion group on several spiritual and community issues on-line or phone webinar discussions . There are several topics for discussion. Maybe start something on world hunger, domestic violence, healing, forgiveness, prosperity, gratitude, etc. In my own experience, I started free phone webinars discussions on several spiritual discussions. Friends from all over the country. Serving others with compassion will bring inner contentment and serving God as well.  People appreciate the service as well and are grateful.


Rev.  Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


God bless this food

Hunger - poor persons Just when I start eating my food, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, I give thanks and acknowledge God silently. It’s an inner spiritual awareness. I am so fortunate to eat 3 meals. I pray and meditate for others who do not have food to eat for the day. I pray that a good Samaritans would step in and care for the hungry. Here we are in the 21st century with all the high-tech and advanced agriculture and farming and still have worldwide hunger in several countries. Even in advanced countries like USA has hunger problems. One need to just drive through some “homeless corridors” near downtown areas and get the picture. Most advanced technological societies have problems of hunger too.

Hunger - homeless It’s the inner spiritual awareness, which is God-given, is awakened. Many do have compassion and kindness. But, many have a tendency to “leave it to other guy or gal” mentality, to feed the hungry. Ofcourse, there are some places with beliefs (devotion) in USA who care for these hungry people. God bless those shelters who provide food for the hungry. God works through people, and that’s through the awakening of the spirit from the self, to reach out the less fortunate and concerns of others. I’ve witnessed watching tremendous amount of reaching out to the hungry people during Holiday season, especially in December month. We must realize that these hungry souls do need to eat and have shelter beyond holiday month. With our spirits being awakened, we will help and reduce hunger in our own communities by caring the unfortunate.

Hungry - children reaching for food God also loves the hungry and the homeless. Next time when you see some people begging for food, carry some canned soup and energy bars in your car. It helps. Who knows God is sending some begging people in disguise to check and see if you can give to feed that hungry soul with compassion and love. Many in the 3rd world countries, such as in Africa and some Asian countries, many go hungry for days. Please pray and meditate for those hungry souls to be taken care of. Pray for sharing and applying our technological resources to care for the hungry. Pray for a giving heart for all the people in our communities to reduce suffering.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada



What do the holidays mean to you?

Thanksgiving wishes As we look forward to holidays every year, such as Thanksgiving Day many personal issues come up. Issues as the significance of celebrating holidays is a personal matter and most of the nation celebrates the holiday. First of all remember what thanksgiving means. Thanks and then Giving. Are you grateful for having a healthy life? Are you appreciative and thankful of your family relationships and having wonderful friends in your life? Are you thankful for food, shelter, clothes and daily sustenance? Are you thankful for receiving income by means of a job or business or other means?

thanksgiving - Give Thanks It’s time for introspection and sharing with family members and friends. Hopefully, the self-reflection being thankful shows and feels how your inner self is in contentment. In this blog, I minimize talking about holiday stress, even though it exists. The more we look holidays from a positive aspects,energy and spirituality, the more enlightened we become. The more we are enlightened and loving, the stress becomes less and less. Holidays must be treated as joy, fun, recreational, sharing, caring and feel a sense of fulfillment. Joy and sharing is a great healer.

Thanksgiving - Wine and fruit The other part with the thanksgiving is the “Giving” part. It’s about sharing with others. When we count our blessings, we are blessed with abundance in our everyday living. Abundance of prosperity in our lives keeps us in balance with “Thanks”. When we have a mindset of abundance and prosperity, we attract finances, excellent health, a giving and sharing attitude, thanking and praising God for our well-being. There is so much need in our own communities. Some people are desperate. They are facing challenges with food and money.  This is where compassion and caring comes in. Without judging others. It’s not beneficial to analyze and rationalize why people are poor or not working or not successful with their lives. People are poor for variety of reasons. It’s our choice and awareness to help those that are in need by way of sharing our bounty. It can be canned food, cash, clothing or even being a volunteer at a homeless shelter and help out a the tables. We do get inner contentment when we reach out to others.

Thanksgiving - Give thanks to God As we take the initiative to be thankful for what we have, and acknowledge that we are a miracle in this world, we begin to see how we are blessed. It’s not just materialism or large bank account or a big house or number of cars we drive. Sure money does help. It’s the holistic approach to life and how we interact with our loved ones and neighbors and those that are in need. We must balance holidays with “Thanks” and “Giving”. It’s great for the soul. Sharing is loving.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Are you listening to your inner voice?

Listening words  We keep trudging along in everyday walk of life. We have needs, desires, wants and want to fulfill our motives. We want joy, fulfillment, inner contentment, compassion, peace and harmony within ourselves and with others. We pray, meditate and ask God (or the infinite, Higher Source, Lord, Jesus Christ, etc) for financial prosperity, excellent health and great relationships. Pretty soon we discover that the answers are within, not “out there”. Are you open to listening from within? Your vibes, your vibrations, “your gut”, your intuition? Do you trust your inner instincts, which is God communicating with you?

Listen to genie within  From my own experience over the years, I let opportunities in jobs, learning another profession, even romantic relationships pass by (I am married to Denise now). Didn’t listen to my inner voice, but kept on moving doing “same old” things or same old routine with expectations. Than comes a time to seriously make a commitment to change and make a decision to change and accept opportunities what life has to offer me. I went through inner probing via meditation and talking to couple of trusted friends.

Listen to God - Stop and look   In a way, we must be “ready” to jump in or take risks to step in.  I’ve witnessed several singles in relationships delaying marriage because of waiting for a “right” partner to come through or questioning and doubting whether the relationships they are in, is the right one? This boils down to inner trust and not clear what their heart and mind says. In this instance, it’s a good idea to sit down in prayer and meditation and ask God for guidance.

If you are not sure of the feedback on the concerned issues from within, talk to a trusted friend or couple friends. Make sure these friends have a positive outlook on life and they themselves are confident, and encouraging. You are still the decision maker to choose all the choices you have at your disposal. Prayer and meditation is a great relaxer and brings inner harmony and answers.

Listen to the inner voice So, listen from within. Listen to what your instincts and gut tells you of what you seek and desire to experience. Communicate to God via prayer and meditation. Be open for answers that are revealed to you. Follow up with the clues. Try not to be wishy-washy with the answers. Check it out. The God who created the universe is loving and friendly for you to pursue your journey for your fulfillment, joy, compassion, love, kindness, peace and understanding.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas