Prosperity is yours for asking

When we talk about prosperity, somehow we equate with money and wealth. Prosperity can be equated as succeeding in health, relationships, spiritual growth, career growth and business growth,  as well as personal finances. Gods plan for you and me is to live and share joy, happiness, love, healing and help/support those that need our help to better themselves. Ofcourse many societies including ours have, “haves” and “have-nots”. We’ll have to work towards making heaven on earth. That means, we work and take action to help ourselves for bettering the creation of our communities to live joyfully, happily and peacefully. When we set boundaries in our aspirations for betterment, we neglect our God-given creativity and we are faced with lack or develop selfishness towards what we possess.

A good habit to experience prosperity in all aspects of our daily life is prayer and meditation. Ever talk to God (or Lord, Jesus, Infinite Intelligence, Divine spirit, etc) in the form of prayer? Yes God listens. And God communicates to us, when we are quite or in meditation. Listen to the vibes, the inner communication. I recall back in 1997, I wanted to ride the Indian rails in all different directions, and at the same time make it a form of pilgrimage to visit Hindu and Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Mosques, gurdwara’s (Sikh temples),  etc. I also had this greater urge to talk to Hindu Holy men, who are known as Sadhu’s, who wander around and are practicing spirituality and non-materialistic.

I talked to several Holy men on a 10 week pilgrimage in India, crisscrossing the Indian sub-continent. I left a project temporary job in Los Angeles area, to take up such a trip. Something was telling me inside of my heart to go to India for a pilgrimage. At that time, my future wife Denise, encouraged me to take the trip. I was excited and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So, prosperity comes in all forms. When I took at the pilgrimage trip by trains in India, I was healthy and strong, and able to withstand sleeping on trains several nights in a span of 10 weeks. God has blessed me in several ways, and I give thanks and praise for it.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas, Nevada


God loves you and the people around you love you back

Gods love everlasting Many times each one of us faced with “who does love me?” It’s the craving of the heart that seeks the fulfillment. I recall when I was living a single life and had a similar inquiry. Deep down I knew my parents and siblings loved me. But the thing many overlook is, God loves us all, regardless of who we are. God is always good. God always resides in us and we are surrounded with Gods people. Love is something we feel and accept it. We know it when touched from within. When we open to divine spirits love, which is God, we are blessed with love, security and stability. It’s our human ego which is defensive and we must learn to clear from our hearts and minds to recognize and to be receiving love in our hearts.

God is Love (2) Since God or spirit resides in each individual regardless of their circumstances, open your heart and mind to receive the love from others. By acknowledging others and their willingness to spread the love, take it and embrace it. People that are close to you, be it loved ones, friends and even strangers will open their hearts when you open yours first for the love to flourish. It’s the attitude as to how we look into ourselves and how we treat ourselves. If we constantly critique ourselves and beat ourselves with unpleasant feelings, we cannot project happy thoughts or send out positive vibrations to the outside of our own boundaries or environment.

Gods love with clouds In order to receive love, we must learn to pave the way for receiving. For that to happen, our hearts and minds must be ready to accept others. Offer a smile and be pleasant and nice to others. Go out of your way to assist others. When we build those habits from inside, the spirit (the God in us) from within attracts others and in turn creates an atmosphere of receiving the love from others. Sometimes we expect why we are not experiencing love. Now we know what we must do  to attract love in our life. It’s creating an attitude to project love from within towards others, and see God in others and witness and feel the love being returned to you. Love goes around.

Blessings, Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

Know you are in Gods (divine) hands

Insecurity job Have you felt a feeling of lacking confidence, self-doubting, uncertain, apprehensive, doubtful, anxious, timid, unstable, unsafe, undefended and vulnerable? We are conditioned in our society by our family members, friends, teachers, ministers, politicians, neighbors, and strangers. An unsettled feeling comes from low self-confidence. Many of us try very hard to prove ourselves to “make it”. We totally rely on our physical and emotional senses/attributes for relief and general well-being.

Confidence low Insecure feelings and lack of confidence affects our everyday productivity as well as deteriorate interaction relationships with family members, friends, work and business associates and other groups that we belong in communities. I see this circumstance as a lifetime issue. Some do seek  counseling with the professionals or even contact their local clergy for help. unfortunately, many do turn to alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, angry at their loved ones and friends, employers. Sometimes these insecure issues become vicious cycle and continue to nag. Many people do not want to seek help due to ego problems or embarrassment.

Meditation at beach There is a solution and answers for lacking self-confidence or other insecurities. Many of us act on ego level to get relief. There are some people in our society who do turn to belief faith system in the divine/God for guidance. That is well and good. Prayer and meditation is a great answer for strengthening confidence. Prayer is communicating with God (spirit, divine, Lord, Jesus Christ, etc) and meditation is listening to God or inner voice from within. Listen carefully to your intuition or “gut feelings”.  It helps. We are blessed with free will and ability to choose and make decisions. We can also request for prayers/meditations from others. The prayers and meditation from others will help. It’s the vibrations, waves and energy of prayers/meditations that propel for healing and strengthening, one with the divine/spirit.

Prayer believe and receive As we pray and meditate for confidence in our everyday life, we acknowledge something greater than we are, the infinite spirit/divinity. We are in good hands of God. It’s the faith in our belief system that propels to new dimension. Trust your instincts and intuition. God is the source and just ask for it and receive it. Think and treat God (Lord) as your personal friend. Many of us heard “let go and let God”. Developing confidence to conquer insecurities in our everyday living will help us lead a joyful, happy and content life. In process, praise God and give thanks for his help and support. Love God.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas

How does God use you to serve your community? Family, friends, neighbors and on-line friends?

Serving others Most of us do get caught up in our own self fulfillment affairs, and in a way become more individualistic, and addiction to materialism gets out of hand. Some of us do volunteer our time to serve others. And sometimes it goes beyond, such as: “How does God use you to serve your community? Such as your family, friends, business or work associates, neighbors and on-line community”? When looking from a spiritual perspective, we go deep into our soul and inquire as to serve God (or Lord, or Almighty, Divine Spirit, Energy, Vibrations or Waves, etc).

Helping - power of helping others Are you listening to your inner voice to serve others? Sometimes it’s a matter of self-awareness and bring out the compassion, understanding, love, concern and sharing when moved. Prayer and meditation does help to go deep within, and ask God for guidance. God works through individuals. We have been blessed with free will and make a decision on numerous choices we face.

Helping others It’s not just the homeless or hungry people or street wanderers who need help. There are people who are family members, friends, neighbors, communities, on-line friends who also need help. The best way to find out is to interact with all the people we get in contact. Some issues that we can help with, such as dealing with stress, tension, sadness, misunderstandings, small financial help, respite, company, listening, support system, bereavement, walking to improve health, sharing knowledge, sharing food, collecting food, etc comes to my mind. Even providing transportation to doctors offices and supermarkets.

God helping hand Serving from the heart center in alignment with spirituality of the divine has more fulfillment in ones daily living. God centered calling to help others brings more fulfillment and experience a sense of harmony, and well-being of both the provider and receiver. There is a greater reward for such actions. One thing we notice in this journey is, it’s not tied to expectations of money or compensation, pride and bragging rights of the service provided. We become humbled. We see humanity. We act from the aspects of God within us and show the love and sharing. God is always within us, its a matter of knowing and being aware of Gods light within us.

With love and light!


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas