6. 2nd and 3rd Day Plenty of Trees, Farm Homes: A Train Buff’s Russian Trans-Siberian Adventure

6.  2nd and 3rd Day Plenty of Trees, Farm Homes and Eat on the Diner Car

On Monday June 19th, during the day passing by, plenty of thin trees and few rivers. The farm community homes are smaller, and rickety, with wood and tin covering. Train is moving at a fast pace, maybe 65km per hour? Or 70km/hr or even higher? I tried to text Denise at three smaller cities, including Ohms, but service is not available. Sent a couple of words on Michael’s phone via Facebook to Denise, saying all is well and riding well. I’ll try again in 3 hours to see if I can send a text to her. I took several pictures in the morning and in the afternoon, mostly trees, open spaces and the sky with some clouds.

 On Tuesday June 20th, traveled through low mountains, trees, old tiny rickety homes. Mostly farm homes. Also, got to see old style Soviet apartment buildings. Lots of trees, along the way. Two of our cabin passengers getting off in Irkutsk, half way point to Vladivostok. They get off at 2am Moscow time, but Irkutsk is at 7am.

Met a fellow traveler in dining car, and he is from Belgium, another train nut, he appeared to be about 30. He is traveling through Russia, and SE Asia and New Zealand. He spoke good English. While in the dining car, I got Eggs were sunny side up. I tried to use my debit card in the dining car, But did not take the pass code, which is correct. used cash to pay for the eggs.




 Today used my “No Rinse” shampoo for my hair, after 3 days . Worked fine.  None of the carriage car attendants speak English. Occasionally using google translator with the attendants. Stocked up with bakery for breakfast for next three days. I’ll use the ATM at Irkutsk station, to get some cash. Shared wife and grandkids pictures with the German and Russian travelers in my cabin. German traveler spoke manageable English, an army man. He helped me and Michael to translate from English to Russian with the cabin train attendant. Google translator is a god send.



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