Loading Up for the Long Trip Ahead: A Train Buff’s Russian Trans-Siberian Adventure

4.  Loading Up for the Long Trip Ahead

 Before we took the cab to the station, I purchased my provisions such as large water bottle, biscuits, nuts, bananas, croissants, etc. It all came under $20. The store is within the apartment vicinity complex.

We got to the Yaroslavsky train station, went through the security, and we went to the information, and the lady at desk said we were 3 hours early, before the train departed. She said to go to the platform an hour before the train number 002 departs. We had so much time to kill before our train departed. We seen KFC in the station. There was a turnstile going into KFC from the station, and there is a security guard. He said if we put an order into KFC, we have to go through security check again. No way, we gonna do that. We looked around for a place to eat within the station, finally came to a Russian food chain with chairs and tables, and all the food is refrigerated and have coffee and bakery as well.

 I ate the chicken wings and legs. Not my cup of tea, but something to put in my stomach. this place was filled with pork and beef, but only one chicken dish. We want to kill 2 hours at this Russian cafe, so I also got coffee and blueberry muffin.

We located the train on platform number 2, and had 45 minutes to get on the train. Finally we got on the train and located the cabin. I sent a last text to Denise right after 11:45pm, that we were moving.

We both were exhausted when we got on the train, because we had a long walk from the Moscow river to the apartment to pick up our luggage, from the apartment concierge at 6pm. We made it at 6:10pm, and the concierge at the apartment was waiting for us, and she was ready to leave. I got on the upper berth, within few minutes after the train departed, I fell asleep.


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