We are in a spiritual world buffeted by the physical world

Spiritual energy As spiritual beings we are pure. Pure in spirit and everything is perfect. No need to fix it or correct it and it is eternal. In the physical world as humans, its temporary experiences on this earth. As humans, we are here on earth to learn, grow and teach. Ever notice how we are accustomed to live on a daily basis? Man made belief systems (religions), obeying rules and regulations, man-made laws to govern societies (by the way, there are 613 commandments in Judaism), parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, strangers, communities, etc. We are also measured by how much money we earn to make a living and driven by ego to excel in some life directions. Ofcourse in physical world, we are judged by our looks as well.

Bank for physical experience When I am saying about “buffeted” by the physical world, ever notice how we for example open checking or savings accounts at a bank? Ever notice how rules and regulations about banking is applied for us to “behave” and “act” when we adhere to money matters in an “organized” settings? Sitting in a bank with the bank representative demands patience, and provide all the information necessary to open an account after qualifying. Next time when you rent a car, first thing a rental car agency will ask is for a credit card and a driver’s license. We are connected to protect banks investments and laws governing streets and highways.

War and soldiers Ofcourse as physical humans, and depending within a society (country), we are governed by security authorities such as police and military for safety and protection. No such governing as spiritual beings. Egos play a greater role in human authority such as power. As humans and in advanced and developing nations, we have more fear to live by. Fear of  our “fellow” human beings, from “other” nations or cultures or tribes. I am talking about living in fear by amassing nuclear weapons. Even though we will not use them ( I am sure we will not use it), otherwise, we all will be in trouble facing very hardships just to breath and drink water or cultivate food for sustenance.

Love you with a flower Somehow in our walk of physical existence, we are endowed with free will and choices and learned behaviors from others, societies/communities. In a way, we are tamed.  We are here to experience love, joy, peace, happiness, harmony, kindness, compassion, gratitude, well-being, blessings, reverence to God. So, it all depends how we use our free will by way of making decisions with enormous choices to choose from. Isn’t it something, with one or two wrong decisions from the choices we have, can also develop anger, hatred, selfishness, greed, neglect, rudeness, ethnocentric, bossing, harmful, isolated, hunger, homeless, fights, wars? So, we are put on earth to experience the physical being and learn, grow, get along and transition (physical death) to our spiritual being after some time. What an adventurous journey!


REV. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas


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