Listen to others and offer prayers and blessings

Prayer with people I encourage friends, neighbors, strangers, associates and on-line friends to pray for people who are seeking/asking some kind of justice, consolation and comfort in their community. This does provide peace and harmony and its good for the soul. What it also means is to listen to the inner voice, which is the voice of God. Currently, our nation’s residents are going through some soul-searching on the shooting death of a young man by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. There are protests (they are saying to hear their voices) by the cities residents, and law and order forces want to keep the peace. For some reason or the other, the two clashed. Can’t relate to each other just by showing sheer power. If we understand each other and go within for answers, there is a good chance we come up with solutions to resolve very sensitive issue.

Prayer with hands When we see and hear Peoples communique via their voices (or writings) and the way they feel, prayer and meditation will help and serve as a mediator for harmony and peace and bring comfort to others. At this time our nation is involved helping Middle East nations in conflicts , such as Iraq (preventing genocide of the minorities), Israel/Gaza, concerns in Libya and Syria, etc. At the same time we are going through a reflection and soul-searching of ourselves as to whats going on in our own backyard, loss of life and the mourning residents of Ferguson, Missouri. Many of our citizens are just shocked and hard of understanding. We have people resources, technology and willing to help out foreign conflicts and somehow neglect to find solutions in our own communities. God has blessed us with enormous intelligence, free will and choices for everyday living. We awaken our inner strength only when there is crisis in our communities, especially when there is an innocent loss of life.

Prayer with people Through prayers and meditation, we can make a big difference in our communities. We pray for leaders in Missouri state to make right decisions to assist its residents in a compassion and kind way, so that each person is treated respectfully while they express their disenchantment the loss of life of their resident. We are all spiritual beings, with human experiences. Our faith in God (or Jesus Christ, Divine Spirit, Higher power etc) with reflections in our inner self, and praying/meditating,  will bring harmony to the community that is hurting. God bless residents of Ferguson.


Rev. Ernie Martin, The Reverend of Love, Las Vegas



1 thought on “Listen to others and offer prayers and blessings

  1. Rev Ernie,
    I totally agree with you about praying for specific people seeking justice within our communities and nation. We can see the divides and the hurts. While I somehow missed the situation you described in Missouri, I’m so aware of the Middle Eastern conflicts, especially since I lived in the Middle East for nearly ten years and was married to an Egyptian for several of those years. Thank you for this heartfelt reminder to be convicted in our prayers for those situations at home and abroad!

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