Today my mother (in spirit) was at our home and rang the door bell

Image Early this morning (around 5am), I was dreaming about my mother visiting me, who passed away 12 years ago in Washington DC. She was waiting outside the door after ringing the door bell. I opened the door to see who it was. I said Amma (mom), she acknowledged and seen me and took off. She was in a white clothing and a white scarf on her head. Than I started crying very hard while she was fading away from me. I usually don’t cry with tears that hard, but I experienced a very sad cry in my dream.

This is the first time I experienced to see my mother visiting me in my dream, as well as first time for me to cry hard with tears while she left. Just yesterday I was thinking about a discussion topic for my webinar ministry with my Facebook friends. After some thought and  research I came up with “Forgiveness”.  so, the first week of Monday in May, I am going to facilitate discussion on phone webinar, the topic “Forgiveness” in our lives.

I than woke up, and found out I was dreaming about my mom visiting me. I shared my dream at about 5:30am with my wife Denise. She was very supportive of my dream and acknowledged my mom was visiting me.


Ernie Martin

The Reverend of Love, Light and Joy



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